Minority politics will be taken to school when a chapter on the ‘marginalisation’ of Muslims is expected to be included in the NCERT textbooks.

To make students understand this phenomenon, the NCERT has introduced a chapter ‘Muslims and Marginalisation’ in the Class-VIII Social Sciences textbook which speaks about how the Muslims have not got proper benefit in the social and economic development in the country.

The chapter has also cited the findings of the study on Muslims’ status prepared by Justice Rajinder Sachar in 2006.

“Through the chapter, an effort has been made to explain how marginalisation is related to the feeling of prejudices and lack of ability. Marginalisation not only weakens the social status but also deprives the people of availing education and utilisation of resources,” said an NCERT official. [Link]

While the supposed saffronization of textbooks gave a lot of people sleepless nights, this seperatist move is a bigger dent on the secular Indian ethos. The inclusion of this chapter is absolutely unacceptable because this will give heed to a sense of victimisation and promote separatist and extremist tendencies. Such a chapter is on the lines of the Sachar committee recommendations to give separate preferences to the Muslims by secluding them from the mainstream. The NCERT official says that the feeling is related to prejudices and lack of ability, which are both untrue and very harmful for an impressionable child. What such a chapter would succeed to do will be to make people look at Muslims as a special group with specific advantages and disadvantages instead of looking at them as normal citizens.The inclusion of this chapter is unacceptable also because this will promote a feeling of separatist among other religion students. A poor student from any other religion studying this chapter would surely feel dejected. The goal of secular outlook to view all people equally would be heavily compromised by this move.

The political angle to this would be that development models for upliftment which actually benefit the minorities will be overtaken by the policy of giving doles to the minorities because of better print value. The Congress and other secular claimants would be the obvious beneficiaries.

Apart from the political angle to the issue, the claims themselves are refutable. The reasons for the backwardness of the Muslims is not because they are being prejudiced against, it is because the money to be spent for their welfare is being spent instead to send them for a pilgrimage or to “modernize” the primitive religious institutions called Madrassas, both of which do not help the Muslims actually [I know, the issue of Madrasa is highly debatable]. The other reason for the backwardness is that the Muslims are still left at the mercy of the clerics and their fatwas. Development of the nation and the inclusive growth for all poor, not only Muslims is a far better model and will help the Muslims better in the longer run.

To give such fodder to extremism and encourage separatism is against the nation’s interests and this modification to the textbook should be stalled. Free education for all, inclusive growth and development are the way forward.

This kind of education based on partial truth and divisive politics of religions is not acceptable. Let us not corrupt the young minds by our prejudices.

Mr. Shourie should probably not have asked — “What more is needed to stoke reaction?” The government has answered and the answer is not palatable to say in the least.


I have always held that Raje is a much better role model to women than Ms. Pratibha Patil or Ms. Sonia Gandhi. Trying times are the real test of a person, and Raje has handled and is handling the trying times in Rajasthan exceptionally well.

She was quick to act when the terror strikes happened, she restored calm and asked action from the centre. She reassured the people and did not hinder the investigations. It was for having asked the centre for action that she was reprimanded, albeit wrongly. Misogynist Mr. Patil who tried to hit her by irony, saying, may be she was shaken, there were no such directions from the centre, must have faced immense embarrassment when the evidence about the home ministry’s order was made public by the media. She was relentless and she has been looking into her states interest all along.

Ms. Raje who handled the post terror strike situation very well, was posed another challenge. That of the Gujjar agitation. Mr. Bhainsala crossed all lines of decent protests and still compared his right to protest to that of Gandhiji’s satyagraha. And the centre was fueling the whole incident through Mr. Pilot instead of pacifying it. Instead of giving any directions on the issue the centre sought to play petty politics.

The allegations that she had promised the ST status to the Gujjars in order to come to power is actually not true, she had promised to look into the matter and take care of the welfare of the Gujjars. And in that aspect she has been more than fair to the Gujjar communinty. After coming to power she set up a commission to look into the matter of ST status – Chopra commission. The findings of the commission were that the status of the group were far from those necessary for ST status and that the status should not be awarded. In the report that was submitted in December 2007, the commission also observed that the Gujjars were indeed a backward caste and some relief packages should be given to them. The report was forwarded to the centre and Raje has alo set up a board under the leadership of Ramdas Agarwal and a relief package of Rs. 282 crores for their welfare. The recommendations of the commission were also carried out. The Gujjars were given their fair share.

Recently the media has been at its negative best. While some say that the move is only symbolic and time buying technique others have written whole articles saying that she is not committed to the issue because she wrote to the PM and not the tribal ministry! It would be hard to say what motivates such articles but they are definitely false. Even when Mr. Bhainsla called for a strike and after the strike, Ms. Raje has called him to have peace talks. Mr. Bhainsla has refused to talk until a letter was sent to the centre. Ms. Raje has done just that the very next day and asked for the centre to intervene. This was required as the state was pretty much burning. About 50 km of railway track has been uprooted, police was attacked with stones and an officer was beaten to death. At this point Raje did the right thing and took the immediate possible solution by asking the centre to intervene.

And it is not as if the ball was thrown in centre’s court, the ST status can be provided or refused by the centre alone. Moreover the matter concerns more than one state and in such a case the onus is on the centre to take a call on the issue. So as far as political commitment to the issue is concerned Raje has done well by doing her part completely.

Other problem is with the deaths, it would be interesting to pay attention to the reason why these deaths have happened. When you examine the articles you notice that the police had to open fire when people started beating up police and when a police officer was beaten to death. It is not as if Raje has been spearheading the violence on the Gujjars or a certain personal vendetta was being vented. If the movement is now peaceful then it is because of the number of forces that have been deployed.

It is left to be seen what Mr. Sachin Pilot would do at this time, with it apparent in front of him that the status can be awarded only unfairly. In either way the Congress stands to lose the trust of the people. By awarding the status they would be going against the principles of reservation and falling to unfair demands and if they do not, they should control the protesters. Mr. Sachin pilot or some one from the centre should put the protesters down and explain why it should not come up.

The caste based politics in the age of reservation can only be destructive.

Jhoot bole kauvva kaate is their tag-line. Even that is a jhoot; otherwise, people at Tehelka would have died many times by now due to crow attacks!

You can read a lot of anti-national and insane news in this ‘mainstream’ weekly. The latest one is a report on the Jaipur blasts condemning its politicisation. But it is basically condemning action against the illegal Banglasdeshi migrants whom it calls hapless. We know how hapless these Bangladeshis are. They have ration cards,voter ids and all the documents that a true citizen of India should have. They were provided with these by the Congress. When V P Singh was prime minister, it is told by the Rajasthan Governor, the congress man himself, that many such ration cards were promised to the Bangladeshis. The Tehelka report is so well articled that any one upon reading it will feel bad for the detained Bangladeshis. But let us not forget the innocent lives lost in the blasts. And the blasts did not happen without the support of Bangladeshis.

While nothing has been written till now on Jaipur blasts, Tehelka already is bearing flag for these Bangladeshis. Really, what is important to us? The magazine has made Rahul baba the cover story twice, but nothing on Jaipur blasts till now! What is the reason to rally behind those illegal migrants? In parallel, the publication is carrying a series on Pokhran tests, naturally, condemning them. One of the ‘greatest secular intellectual of our time’ –- Praful Bidwai continuing the tirade launched long back against the Pokhran tests.

Why should there be a dilemma between supporting action against illegal migrants and their human rights? I remember reading Mukul Sharma in The Hindu arguing that the human rights of illegal Bangladeshis be protected and respected. The human rights crusaders present a contradicting dichotomy of preferences. While they would claim to be immensely sympathetic to the terror victims, they oppose every move to counter terrorism or maintain law and order. We should rather send such ‘intellects’ to Bangladesh along with those illegal immigrants.

While it is true that all humans deserve human rights, it still does not justify the silence over the sheer number of illegal immigrants (about 25% of population in Assam) and the inconvenience caused. The government suggests moves like rounding them up and putting them in transit camps, later backtracks and criticises these moves and intellectuals make a hue and cry. Shouldn’t the centre rather identify moves according to foreigners act and give requisite directions to the states for that? It was due to inaction that the HC rapped the Delhi state government and set very big targets of deportation to them. The Delhi government has been striving to comply by the court order. The fact that the centre has not accepted the problem as a problem is a signal for the problem escalating in the times to come.

Coming back to Tehelka, a part of  Indian media is under the delusion that they will remain secular as long as they keep bashing BJP and critise its decisions –- be it good or bad. Added to that, Tehelka is carrying out a vicious false campaign against IITM, AIIMS and other reputed institutions also on similar fictitious lines. The fourth estate has really failed the people to say in the least.

Now expect the weekly to carry an item on BJP’s win in Karnataka and attribute the reason to politics of ‘communalism’. Also, expect self proclaimed intellectual, naxallite sympathiser and all time big BJP basher Ms. Gauri Lankesh to shed tears on the ‘death of secularism’ in the state. Bah!

The election which is scheduled tomorrow for 4 Lok sabha seats and 18 Assembly seats is because of the en masse resignations of the TRS (Telangana Rastra Samiti) party representatives in March 2008, expressing the dissent with the attitude of UPA towards the new state of Telangana. As a result, the by-election forms a dress-rehearsel for the elections in 2009, a ‘semi final’ in the words of KCR, the chief of TRS. Ofcourse, some of the parties would like to see this by-election as a referendum for the concept of Telangana.

TRS has a definite edge over the other parties, since all these places were won by them in the previous election. It would be easier for them to win even without Congress, since the anti-government wave might help them. But, their deferral attitude towards an affirmative action might hurt them, since they have resigned just a few months before the elections, which left the people lose their faith in the party. TRS is also been branded as ‘opportunistic’, because of their decisions over the past 4 years. On the top of that, the performance index in terms of development initiatives by the party representatives in these regions, hasn’t been up to the mark, which meant to the Telanganites that it is yet another party with a change of color in the flag. But the stakes are high for TRS, as this is a great chance for them to establish their credibility and strengthen the Telangana movement.

Congress would have tough time, since it would have to fight the election with not just TDP (Telugu Desam Party), but also its previous allies: TRS and CPI(M). CPI(M) has a strong say in Telangana, and most of its seats in Andhra pradesh are generally from that region. Although they might not be key winners of the constituencies, they would play a crucial role in terms of votes-split. While, TDP, the only major party which still sticks to the ‘Samaikya Andhra’ (united Andhra) idea, is ‘rethinking’ about its strategy over the Telangana issue, owing to the increasing pressure from TDP Telangana leaders. However, the present stand of TDP in the election would still be the Samaikya Andhra.

On a whole, the election cannot be termed as a people say on ‘Telangana’, since it is not a complete election over the whole of region, but the constituencies where TRS has resigned. However, it would surely reflect upon the chances of Congress party and TRS in the coming general elections.


May 26, 2008

Sudhir Tailang of ‘The Asian Age’ depicts the plight of Gowda and son the best.

Pic courtesy: The Asian Age

After the terror strikes, Rajasthan is burning again. The positive again is the brave manner in which most people of Rajasthan have handled it. The reason this time is traceable to the Gujjar agitation, the representative of whom is a Bhainsala, demanding a ST status for the gujjars.

The retrogade group has been making such a demand for a very long time now. The Meenas who are also a backward group are against including the Gujjars also in their share of the quota pie. The Chopra committee set up to examine the issue has spoken against the acceptance of the reservation for Gujjars. Yet, the Gujjars are relentless in claiming their backwardness. This is the kind of retrograde race set off by the reservations.

It is rather shameful that Mr. Sachin Pilot is relentless in making a demand that goes against all morality. He is the one that has given the Gujjars the hope and it is at his behest that the community has abandoned any activity and resorted to protests that have stalled most of the state. The congress should ask Sachin Pilot to shut up and the political parties must condemn the Gujjar movement strongly for making a mockery of the reservation scheme and reducing the work done by the Mandal committee to a joke.

Ms. Raje who was quick to act well after the Jaipur blasts has called in the army.

Now, the unavoidable violence is done with and further violence is being avoided. Mr Raje called for peace talks with Mr. Bhainsala who rejected the offer until a letter was sent to the PM. Sadly, Ms. Raje has sent that letter and recommended a special status be awarded to the Gujjars. I do hope that what Sachin Pilot is saying is correct and that this is only a token gesture. It would be a mockery of backwardness and reservations if the demands are met and if Sachin pilot continues as an MP. This kind of social terrorism, which affects the normal functioning of the society causing heavy economic and social loses apart from inducing hatred amongst different communities and trying to fall backward, should be handled mercilessly. Let the people of Rajasthan live in peace. And the so called well-educated-youth-icon MP is perhaps on a political-suicide mode.

This boils down to the primary question of reservations. Well…!!

I wanted to go to the UPA party, and since I do not belong to any party which Congress can form a coalition with, I had to fight hard for it. Finally, the only condition imposed upon me was to come in Khadi. I also gained permission to make a toast to the 4 years bygone. I prepared hard and long to prepare a list of achievements that the UPA had made and wrote them in the book that I carried that day. Some of my points were appreciating the achievements and others were questioning others which were quoted.

  • About 65 killed and 200 injured in Rajasthan, complete apathy from the government. The government eluding all common sense and placing the Pakistan talks and the Bangladeshi athithi’s concern over that of the common people. And within 10 days of the blast, the UPA is celebrating 10 years in office. The question is, celebrating what? To that I toast.
  • Its not been over a month since the curtains were lifted on the PM trying to promote the nepotist interests of Mr. T R Baalu, the shipping minister. The defence was absolutely lame, saying that he was just forwarding the letters. The 9 letters sent in a matter of 5 months also contained reminders and mentioned the previous letter. The PM knows he is guilty of promoting private interests of some individuals in gross misuse of authority given to him but it does not matter because we know he only wants to impress his coalition partners. That is also why many people were called here, to that I toast.
  • Mr. Arjun Singh was being touted as a hero until he committed the sin of speaking against the congress albeit in a mild manner. The gentleman who introduced reservations had immense opportunities to listen to public will. The protests went on for about an year before the court had to step in and impose a stay. He could have done what the court has done now, without the matter having to go to the court at all. A batch of students could not reap the benefits because the Arjun Singh did not act democratically by listening to the legitimate concerns of the people. But that is still our biggest achievement, and to that I toast.
  • The UPA government formulated the Sachar committee to examine and remove the backwardness of the Muslim community in various jobs in India. While there are poor in all classes, the government is addressing only one community to tap its votes in a manner that is not appropriate in a secular nation. But whatever, I must congratulate you for your PM having spent sleepless nights over their plight. To your spirit of minority politics, I toast.
  • Our home minister you have given for 4 years, Mr. Patil who does not know that Afzal Guru is not a Pakistani, who is completely unaware about his ministry giving directions to round up Bangladeshi immigrants, who compares the attack on the parliament to the mistaken identity of Sarabjit to be commensurate crimes has absolutely made strides in achieving national security by ensuring that there are no less than 22 attacks on the country, manifold more in Kashmir and innumerable attacks by insurgents. To the “sleeping at home” minister Mr. Shivraj, I toast.
  • Chinese dragon has been roaring much louder ever since you assumed office. It knows, you have no spine to stand up to it. There have been more than 400 intrusions in the past two years into our borders. There have been open claims on not just Arunachal, but also on parts of Sikkim. Despite all this, you have such a friendly heart that you trounce even the democratic protests by Tibetans against the Chinese oppression. To your kind neighbourhood, I toast. Oh, OK, Karat wants to toast you for this. Yes Sir, please.
  • The congress should be appreciated for having people like Arjun Singh. Mr. Arjun Singh hails the first time in parliament – Mr. Rahul Gandhi to be the PM in waiting. Getting the “yuvraj” angry he tries to say that he is not sycophantic. He is being given cold treatment for speaking against the high command of Congress and, in a bid to defend, the ultimate boot licking comes when Mr. Arjun Singh pledges his loyalty to the Gandhi family. After that not a day has passed since he heaps praise on Ms. Sonia and Rahul baba. To such “leaders”, I toast.
  • The government issues add with its achievements where the cabinet and other responsibility holding members of the party are placed as picture. This time the UPA also issued ads, but Ms. Sonia, who holds no portfolio was also present. Actually the PM would have denied it earlier and made some statements in the air to seem like he was in command, but now, the situation is peace. The people have gotten used to being under the proxy rule of the Italian lady. To such buffoonery, I toast.
  • The biggest achievements have been to establish proxy heads in every office, starting from the Governors to that of the President and VP. The president, Ms. Pratibha, has been issuing statements from her messages from the ghosts, shielding the fact that she is the most tainted, most senior person in the government. Mr. Hamid Ansari also is a very resourceful person, throwing out people in Rajya Sabha when the question about the nepotism is rather awesome when it was not even asked. To such rubber stamps I toast.
  • The government is standing with the support of the Left, the inflation has been making even normal existence in the nation nearly impossible. And we keep singing about aam aadmi. To such phony campaigns I toast.
  • The Indian food security and agriculture are facing great problems. While Mr. Swaminathan makes many recommendations which with some initiative will help the farmers, the Congress has taxed the honest farmers by waiving the loans taken from banks. A 60% farmers were left out in doling out a scheme that cost more than it would have cost to insure their future by continuing and expanding the farm insurance policy that was introduced by NDA. The loan waiver was both inadequate, and costly way of tackling the problem of agricultural productivity and it has sparked off another chain of suicides. But it was understood as a move which was pro-farmers even though most of them were left out of it. And to such schemes I toast.
  • The UPA’s highlights can not miss the Indo-US nuclear deal. While no party other than the Congress is inclined to accept the deal, while the opposition asks for a renegotiation, the Congress has been sabotaging the debate over the deal by saying that India would lose face by not honouring the deal. The PM has not been making any efforts to continue the debate and obtain a consensus on the issue. To such parliamentary spirit or the absence thereof, I toast.
  • The strategies in the UPA pockets are many, some would blow my mind off too. A simple one of that, which is that of buying the election commissioners. And notwithstanding the age of 71, handing him the ministry of youth affairs is another part of your clever strategies. To such policies I toast.
  • We have about 30 crores of poor people in the country, who do not have enough for daily subsistence. But our PM is very choosy and he says that the Muslims have the first right over the nations resources. I hand over my glass to my Muslim friend so she toasts to you in gratitude.

At the risk of getting very drunk, I list down the best of the points from my book

  • First thing the UPA did upon assuming its office was asking Britain not to hold the accounts of Ottavio Quattrochi and more at the behest of Ms. Sonia to honour her friendship with him and then later letting him go free by failing to put up a good show in Argentine courts, and then not letting the nation know that Quattrochi has walked free.
  • A head count in the Defence on the religion basis.
  • Very late action on food security — no imports and no ban on exports till april this year.
  • The union minister’s novice analysis saying that changing food habits are responsible for the rise of prices and that poor are eating too much.
  • Scores of terror attacks on the nation and none of them have been cracked completely till now.
  • Imposition of President’s rule in Bihar (SC also declared it illegal), Goa, Nagaland because of installed Governors. Cruel murder of democracy in many states and in particular Jarkhand where history was created when an independent candidate was made the CM, again with the helping ‘hand’ of the Governor.
  • Usage of parliament to give heed to personal vendettas as shown in the case of the removal of the AIIMS director and the SC observation thereafter.
  • Misuse of parliament system again to save Sonia’s head from rolling with the extremely biased ‘office of profit’ bill.
  • The cabinet ministry in the UPA government has done something that no one has done before. To question in denial the existance of Lord Rama, when it was not even necessary in the context.
  • The centre has been observing silence in dealing with the Left inspite of the Left government using the police to murder people in Kerala and West Bengal. The silence over the misgovernance in Kerala and Nandigram episodes go on to say the position that Congress has taken on these issues.
  • Hon. minister, Mr. Mani Aiyar (no longer in cabinet) in arrogance of coming to power asking for the photo of Veer Savarkar to be removed from the parliament house. Veer Savarkar fought bravely and long for the country for the independence which the Congress ministers in the arrogance of power have failed to see.
  • To treat Taslima Nasreen like an international prisoner as a resounding slap to freedom of speech.
  • The RTI which is touted as one of the achievements of the UPA government, was an initiative taken by Shri. H D Shourie, the father of Mr. Arun Shourie, the same was modified through debate in the parliament to make more inclusions and said to be a big achievement of the UPA government.
  • Introduction of the womens bill is also named as an achievement; the NDA government has introduced the bill twice. Highly misleading, the UPA is making last straw.

Well, I must stop here. You are hardly listening to me, but to Mr. Amar Singh.

Nothing much to say about it — it is quite clear from the following news items reported in three major English dailies — The Indian Express, The Hindu and The Telegraph. See it for yourself, to know who really won the polls and which is the most biased daily.

The Indian Express [Published from New Delhi and Kolkata]  Link

The Hindu [Published from Chennai, recently started printing from Kolkata] Link 1 and Link 2

The Telegraph [Published from Kolkata] Link

Watch out for this guy again on May 25th when Karnataka election results will be out. You would have seen this guy blabbering all non-sense against Modi and spitting venom against him during Gujarat elections. His rigged opinion polls have been a great tamasha in the past and will be no different now. Yes, none other than Dr. Yogendra Yadav!

In the so called pre-poll survey for Karnataka elections, he awarded Karnataka to Congress. But most of the psephologists working for Karnataka elections claim BJP as the clear front runner. After hiding for a couple of weeks, he has now surfaced again on his favourite channel — CNN IBN, with all new figures claiming a hung assembly . Probably, he has manipulated the opinion polls again. Initially Congress was the clear leader, yesterday both Congress and BJP were in a very close contest and tomorrow, dont know what!

Watch out for him on 25th, when he will have to again concede his manipulation of opinion polls as he did for Gujarat. It’s fun watching how Rajdeep Sardesai is pouring in crores of rupees on this secular apologist err.. psephologist called (Shri) Dr. Yogendra Yadav 🙂

A couple of days ago, Bangladesh(!) passed an anti-terror law giving immense powers to the police to tackle terrorism. The BJP has repeated its demands for the anti-terror law and the congress has slipped into silence. Deja Vu!

Some of my own friends were asking me why I was supporting the laws which were against Muslims. I was too surprised at their ignorance to laugh at that time, so I came back and wrote this post.

First, the anti-terror laws are considered a western method of handling terror attacks. This is not only untrue, it is irrelevant. The western countries, North American, South American and European are not in the terror belt. Their anti-terror laws are against an eventuality. India and other sub continent are in the very active belt of terrorism, the terror laws here are against certainty of having to use them. The potently dangerous mixture of Islam with Illiteracy and poverty is found here giving room for straying into terrorism. India has its own set of special problems with a number of separatist groups, Nepal and China funded naxals and maoists, and other groups in the past like the Khalistan rebels and LTTE rebels. While Bangladesh also faces the brunt of terrorism, India faces it more severely and much more. India is also one of the worst affected apart from Iraq. Pakistan, Indonesia, Japan, Australia, China have all their anti-terror laws in place.

Why special laws, what about existing laws? Identified conviction rate in the country is 40%, while the conviction rate for murder is as low as 6.5%. So there is as much as 93% chance that you may get away with murder if you committed it. Apart from that, it provides the police with the possibility of producing evidence that may be inform of a confession or intercepted from radio sources etc. which are not normally permitted. The law names prevention of terrorism act, is actually preventive in nature. The law gives power to police to be able to prevent acts of terror. Currently a very modified form of the law is in place called the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Act. This law is a very mild version of the POTA, and is quite incapable of dealing with terror severely.

Can that not be misused? Everything can be misused. The TADA was also supposedly misused, this matter was brought to court, some safe guards were then recommended. Those safeguards have been incorporated into the POTA. These include,

  • Investigation of an offense under the Act is to be done by an officer not below the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police.
  • No court can take cognizance of an offense under the Act unless sanction of the State.
  • The Act provides safeguards against abuse of the provision relating to admissibility of confession made before a police officer. – Confessions made involuntarily fall under this category
  • Intimation of arrest of the accused will have to be provided to a family member immediately after arrest and this fact is to be recorded by the police officer.
  • Provision for prosecution of police officers for malafide actions under the Act (including rigorous imprisonment upto 2 years) and compensation to affected persons in such cases.

Additionally, Mr. Advani had announced the setting up of a central review committee to take complaints regarding the misuse of the law. The alleged misuse is from the BJP ruled states, however the complaints received were, 40 from TN, 39 from Maharashtra, 28 from Delhi, 26 from UP, 16 from J&K and 15 from Jharkhand. In all of these cases, the central review committee gave its verdict, sometimes in favour of the accused and sometimes in favour of the state. On the contrary, the Pakistani laws against terrorism are rather draconian in comparison. POTA is one of the only anti-terror laws that actually incorporates some safeguards in the interest of people.

Why is the congress opposed to it? The congress does not have a definite vote bank in the Hindus which it can identify with on a national scale (on a state scale, the congress has its own caste political equations). The congress only identifies a vote bank counter to that of the BJP. The BJP which emerged as a Hindu revivalist party may not identify with communal any more but the congress and media have not tired of painting that picture about them. The counter vote bank is that of the minorities. The congress feels that repealing the law will make the Muslims feel secure and the loyalties of the votes would be maintained. That is briefly why the congress is opposed to the law.

But don’t terror attacks happen anyway? Yes they do. POTA is not a magic wand. And its not like what BJP justifies that anti theft laws do not prevent theft from happening anyway. The case is not so trivial. What POTA does is that it gives us a chance to be able to prevent terrorist groups from forming, to break terror networks and to prevent attacks by acting proactively on intelligence. The workings of this are like Heisenberg’s uncertainity principle, if we want more prevention, then more draconian laws and less politics and if we want somewhat reasonable laws then the prevention will be within reasonable limits, which is what POTA enables us to.

The POTA is not an anti-Muslim law, it is in fact a very sensible law. And it should be implemented for all the right reasons.