Divide and Rule – HC slams centre

May 16, 2008

The high court has severly criticised the central government with respect to the recommendations made by the Sachar comittee report. The Sachar comittee recommendations can be found here. The Sachar committee is very important in understanding the Congress party policy and in deciding a secular path.

The congress party falls backwards bending to make these committees and reports to appease the muslims. As the high court rightly puts it,

“You (government) are trying to please one community and this is where the rot lies,” were the scathing remarks of an angry bench headed by Justice T S Thakur while dealing with a petition pending in HC since December last, challenging the Sachar committee recommendations. “You are trying to please one community. Poverty is the common enemy. You should fight against poverty rather than saying that you would fight against poverty for one community only,” the bench observed during the hearing. The bench wondered why the government’s benevolence was targeted at one community alone, “You are saying that more money be spent for one minority community. Should it not cut across caste and religion? Does the Sachar committee say that facilities are available to other communities?” the HC demanded.

Congress party set up to remain subservient to the British has now learnt something from the British policy book – Divide and Rule. It is inherent in congress policy to overdo secularism and hence defeat it. The congress policies strive to pander to the select minorities and hence mock secular policies. This throws parties into a contest of who appeases more. Thankfully, as long as we have governments and parties like these, the courts shall be the voice of the masses.


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