Open letter to Soniaji

May 17, 2008

Dear Soniaji,

For more than 10 years now, you have been at the helm of the Indian National Congress party, and you have traveled far and wide to meet the people. And congratulations on making good progress in learning Hindi.

My request to you and other party members is that you would stop making visits to terror struck places in such a conspicuous manner. Firstly, it is you and your party members, whose divisive policies have resulted in increase of such attacks rendering the value of life of us common people quite worthless. And to add to the flutter and the feigned concern, you are also hindering the people who actually volunteer to help.

You said in your speech that we need polity with principles. Its probably high time you lived up to that ideal. Please do not stop the volunteers from doing humanitarian service merely because they belong to RSS. The first PM from your own dynasty, Pt. Nehru also had appreciated the service done by RSS volunteers and had invited them to the republic day parade in full uniform.

For long your party has been working at undermining the work done by this group. For long you have been creating rumours about the RSS and creating enmity in the society. Please stop these divisive tactics and do something in the interest of the people of the nation, because the party policies based on untruth’s shall not pass the test of time.

Satyameva Jayate


Ek aam aurat, Saakshi.


2 Responses to “Open letter to Soniaji”

  1. Jiggs said

    Saakshi….Good One again….But need clarification….IS THE PARTY STILL THE INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS …THE GRAND OLD PARTY ???????
    I don’t think so, INC was finsihed in 1969 when IG split it and it Became Congress (I)??????
    Not that it makes any difference, however, there are still many moron’s in our country who do call it the party of Gandhi, Bose and Patel.

  2. Saakshi said

    Jiggs, it became Indian National Congress after that, but I am yet to figure out when exactly did it happen.

    you can visit their site —

    It says Largest ‘Democratic’ Party in the world. I havent heard of a better joke till now.

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