India should stand up to China

May 17, 2008

Some extremely worrisome news for India — latest satellite pictures [zoom in] have identified areas in central China with 58 launch pads for nuclear-capable ballistic missiles which apparently target north India. This is another shocker after China mounted cyber attacks on Indian websites few weeks back and a couple days before to this, an underground nuclear submarine base in the South China sea was discovered by the satellites.

The two countries were never friends and can never be. Though the leftist media [which did not even bother to report the above news items] keep harping on a friendship with China, India should think and rethink on its policy towards China. The latest discovery of launch pads for nuclear-capable ballistic missiles in Central China is said to have aimed at South Russia and North India. And you know, to whom it is really aimed at. With bilateral ties improving beyond one’s imagination with Russia, China has even started importing arms from it. It is the subversive policies of Indian government, due to the pressure of the Left, that have made India an extremely soft target to China. China wants to keep the border row alive, because the row gives it the best reason for any attack on India in future. Many argue that China will not attack India, since it would allow all its enemies to group together. But this cannot be the reason for India not to prepare itself for the challenges of the dragon.

The underground nuclear submarine base in Sanya, Hainan is believed to be modern. The base can cover a range of sea up to 14000 km — a direct threat to Japan, South Korea,Taiwan and other South East Asian countries. India has something to worry with even this submarine base. China can soon replicate and establish more bases in Indian ocean, after all Pakistan would readily agree to lend a part of its territory to it. The Admiral of Indian Navy, Suresh Mehta has expressed concern over the development, but the Government is yet to react. [Will it ever?]. Added to this, the cyber warfare has exposed India’s weakness to combat China in any manner — not just physical, but also in terms of intelligence and soft-technology. This is not the first time that Indian sites are hacked, but this is the first time that our government has accepted that its websites were silent and easy target of China.

India had not even recovered from the two shocks, nuclear missile launch pads targeting it have been discovered. The missiles launched from newly discovered place can hit any target in North India, Delhi being the critical one. How better are we equipped to face China? Why are we so mild in our reaction to China’s provocation? Should India not forge into a strategic alliance with Japan, Russia, South Korea and improve its affairs with the ASEAN nations? Should not have India behaved brave and smart during the Tibet rising?

Again, our government has miserably failed to save India’s sovereignty from being threatened by its neighbour.

India should stand up to China’s challenges.


2 Responses to “India should stand up to China”

  1. Naveen S P said

    hmmm…. very true… It is, has always been and will be The Dragon vs. The Tiger and never vice versa… and it is high time that the Tiger started to prepare for combat against the Dragon…

  2. Chanthira Sekar said

    I totally agree. India has to wake up to the threats facing it’s soveriegnity. The government has to be firm and assertive. We should not be playing catch up to China. We should leap ahead. We have the know how, the brains and the ability. If all Indians stand united and work together, we can easily be the greatest superpower in this world. It’s up to us Indians. If any country refuses to provide us with the resources we need we look for alternatives, such as Australia which is being silly by not selling India uranium but selling to China a country which proliferates the spread of nuclear technology to rogue countries such as North Korea and Pakistan. I guess Australia is soon gonna become another Chinese province, a quarry for China. Some of these Australian uranium is gonna be put on Chinese warheads and pointed towards Australia!! Anyway India’s destiny has to be decided by Indians and nobody else.

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