New Joke on Indians — UPA’s ‘anti-terror’ federal agency

May 17, 2008

After the gory blasts in Jaipur, I thought the top priority of the PM would be to deal with terror. Instead, the PM is very concerned about the bid to hamper relations with Pakistan.

Saying that terrorists could be seeking to disrupt the talks with Pakistan, Singh said: “There is no doubt that terrorist elements have many objectives to disturb the atmosphere of communal harmony in our country, create communal disturbances and to prevent normalisation of relations with Pakistan. We have to be mindful of these nefarious designs and we are adopting effective counter-strategies.”[link]

While the Chief Justice of India, opposition parties have expressed their opinion in favor of the UN Security council recommendation of a strong anti-terror law[link], the congress and PM are completely missing the point in favour of creating another anti-terror federal agency (as opposed to the state run police and army which are the ‘pro-terror agencies.’)

“There is a case in such demands. This matter has been discussed several times in the inter-state councils. We should explore all possibilities for recognising crimes like terrorism, white collar crimes and human trafficking as federal crimes and setting up a federal agency which is fully equipped to discharge the onerous function of dealing with it.”

Firstly, the PM has never called for or convened any inter-state councils and his claim is an exaggeration or a blatant lie. Mr. Modi has been calling for such a meeting for a long time now and so is Ms.Vasundhra Raje Scindhia. This initiative speaks nothing of the long silence over the numerous attacks over the years which have caused many innocent deaths. And the idea itself is quite ridiculous, solving cases or finding the criminals was never the problem till few years back, the state police investigation was very good at catching criminals. But today, due to persuasion of the Center to go soft on terror criminals, and because of the current law, which treats terrorists at par with normal muderers, is unable to deal with them due to absence of requisite laws, terror perpetrators are going scott free. For e.g. The UPA allies, the left parties have been shielding the Coimbatore Blasts accused, Maudhani and been providing him with special amenities in prison (refrigerator, colour TV, etc.), in order to appease his supporters.

The other aspect that the UPA ‘solution’ fails to address is that all due-diligence is better done before the attacks happen. The current laws do not allow arrests, interrogation and imprisonment on basis of suspicion, beyond certain limits. This becomes a major impediment when dealing with terror networks. Whether we form a federal committee or not, this will first have to be addressed through a special act. Anti-terror laws are a must in avoiding and dealing with terror.

In spite of the fact that the existing police force and army are actually working towards similar goals, one at the state and another at national level, the UPA government is using its policy of creating more and more committees. After the moratorium on the disinvestment ministry, and the piling pressure of salaries and upcoming arrears, this new redundant initiative is going to be a new liability. The sufferers as usual would be the common men and women, the taxpayers. The punishments of electing a UPA government are really quite numerous.


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