Bloody Bengal!!

May 19, 2008

While the main national parties, BJP and Congress(I) exchange allegations over handling of terrorism, the left parties are sabotaging the last remaining sembles of democracy in West Bengal. I read in the Times editorial today,

Two ministers of the Left Front government in West Bengal have gone on record about the arsenals their respective parties stock to fight political battles. RSP minister Kshiti Goswami regrets that his party has only hand bombs whereas CPM cadre carry light machine guns, muskets, revolvers and explosives.

Besides the weapons, the minister added, the CPM has the backing of the police and the civil administration. Abdur Razzak Molla, the CPM minister, didn’t deny his colleague’s allegations; he said that violent clashes were inevitable because it’s a turf war out there.[link]

The democratic election has taken the most modified meaning in the communist state where polls are treated on par with turf wars. Thirty people have lost their lives in the three phase polls with Murshidabad, bordering Bangladesh being the worst affected with 15 deaths. Just a few days back, the CPM cadre made a 28 year old woman run nude just because she did not agree to participate in their rally. They accused the CRPF Deputy Inspector General — known as one of the most efficient officers — of molestation ad an FIR was lodged against him by the local police on the behest of CPM. He was even ordered by the sitting CPM member of Parliament to remain in camp and not visit the affected areas. These are only few events that happened recently on the eve of panchayat polls. Lot more brutal incidents have happened, not to be mentioned.

The primitive non democratic policy of the state communists was all so apparent when the cadres of the CPM went and “reconquered” the “deviant” Nandigram into their fold. The communist government did not hesitate to use police to their favour when they required it. Then and now, the communists have taken after dictators like Stalin by repeatedly defeated all human and democratic values by murdering people and valuing the political gains over the lives of the people. And this is why they are still powerful and ruling (ruining) West Bengal.

With governments like these, who needs terrorists?


2 Responses to “Bloody Bengal!!”

  1. Jiggs said

    “With governments like these, who needs terrorists?”

    To understand this one must understand their ideology, which says:


    Violence against it’s populace is RIGHT for all Past/Present Communist regimes in the World…Be it The U.S.S.R, China, Eastern Europe, Vietnam

    In Communism it is the Politburo which is made up of Hand Picked Comrades by the ruling dictator call the shots on every thing.

    Why these same Communists diverted the water’s of the Aral Sea in Kazakhsthan ( Then under U.S.S.R) to other parts of the country, thereby COMPLETELY DRYING UP THE SEA and this was the one of the largest inland sea’s in the world.

    Such is their competence in matters of governance. Terror play’s a very important role in any Communist regime.

  2. Saakshi said

    A communist ruled country can alter the consitution to suit its purpose, but a state of democratic India falling to such low standards is quite pathetic ans shocking too.
    The left movement seems to be full of disillusioned people with anarchist tendencies. Truely said, their competency in governing is very minimal. It is ironic that the competent suffer by making alliances and the completely ignorant anarchist gain dictatorship.

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