It’s Sikkim’s turn now

May 19, 2008

China is now claiming a part of Sikkim. It is not even two years since the Nathu-La pass (which used to be the route responsible for all the trade with Tibet) was re-opened after several decades. China was assumed by India to have recognised Sikkim as an integral part of India, which it never did. Though we kept reassuring them about Tibet’s belonging to China, it never reciprocated the same on Sikkim. We were still dreaming that Sikkim was no issue of contention between us, only to wake up to China’s claim of a strategically important part of Sikkim referred to as ‘Finger Area’ by Indian Army.

China, as it is well established now, is building wide roads all along the Tibet-India border. This is a great threat to India, as China can very easily mobilise any amount of resources in case of a war. That is exactly what happened in 1962 war. India was in deep sleep; could never sense the construction of highways along the Arunachal border. And one fine day, Nehru was stunned by the Chinese attack. Bottomline: Highways and railways are extremely important modes of transport – in case of a war or otherwise, which India has never understood (Even today, many of the border areas are difficult to access).

And it is the same reason why China is claiming a part of Sikkim now. The ‘Finger Area’, as the name suggests, is a finger like projection into Tibet from Sikkim. This area is in the way of Chinese highway along the border. The highway has to pass through this ‘Finger Area’ to reach the other part of Tibet, since the altitude of the ‘Finger Area’ is same as that of the highway route and that, any deviation from ‘Finger Area’ will make the highway a costly affair.

See, how easy it is to solve its problem for China!

As usual, India is yet to react. Will let you people know if at all that happens. New Delhi has reacted, this time quite strongly! It has finally shown some spine by setting up permanent post in the area.


5 Responses to “It’s Sikkim’s turn now”

  1. dosabandit said

    And Indian reaction to this Chinese encroachment is –

    India, while noting that the boundary there has already been demarcated, has told China not to transgress into the ‘finger’ area in north Sikkim.

    At the same time, India has conveyed its readiness to discuss the issue to avoid conflagration and the two sides are expected to hold talks in the near future, sources said in New Delhi on Sunday.

    Notice how the Chinese manufacture an issue, even where there’s no issue & then bring an issue to the table to be “discussed”. This border was not an issue at all. What’s more worrying is our leadership’s flippancy –

    New Delhi, however, does not see it has any cause for worry, saying that such ”problems” will keep happening and the two countries will discuss to resolve these.

  2. Saakshi said

    Thanks Dosabandit for the info.

    Maps published from China have been showing Sikkim either as an independent region on the globe or as a part of Tibet — as in, as a part of China itself, even after the Nathu-La pass was re-opened. India has hardly spoken on the issue.

  3. Jiggs said

    Hi ! Saakshi…

    Good one! This will take lot from India to stop these Chinese machinations. I mean India requires a strong President, PM and government to stop this NEW TERROR.

    Hopefully, we get a strong government in 2009, who can stand up to the tons of such insults that have been heaped on to us Indians.

  4. Saakshi said

    Thanks Jiggs for your views.

    There have been more than 300 intrusions into Indian territory by the Chinese — be it into Ladakh or Joshimath in Uttarakhand or Sikkim or Arunachal. Equally or more worrying is the large scale intrusion into Bhutan. As you said, we need strong leadership to stand up to China.

  5. Jiggs said

    Till the time Marxists/Maoist thugs are around in the Parliament, all our plan’s will be certainly heard by their yellow skinned master’s.

    It will take some doing to destroy these Chinese TROJAN HORSE in Indian politics.

    Let’s hope that God gives some spanking to these SO CALLED godless souls!!!

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