‘Secular’ + Apologist = Psephologist ?!

May 22, 2008

Watch out for this guy again on May 25th when Karnataka election results will be out. You would have seen this guy blabbering all non-sense against Modi and spitting venom against him during Gujarat elections. His rigged opinion polls have been a great tamasha in the past and will be no different now. Yes, none other than Dr. Yogendra Yadav!

In the so called pre-poll survey for Karnataka elections, he awarded Karnataka to Congress. But most of the psephologists working for Karnataka elections claim BJP as the clear front runner. After hiding for a couple of weeks, he has now surfaced again on his favourite channel — CNN IBN, with all new figures claiming a hung assembly . Probably, he has manipulated the opinion polls again. Initially Congress was the clear leader, yesterday both Congress and BJP were in a very close contest and tomorrow, dont know what!

Watch out for him on 25th, when he will have to again concede his manipulation of opinion polls as he did for Gujarat. It’s fun watching how Rajdeep Sardesai is pouring in crores of rupees on this secular apologist err.. psephologist called (Shri) Dr. Yogendra Yadav 🙂


8 Responses to “‘Secular’ + Apologist = Psephologist ?!”

  1. Jiggs said

    Expect Padmashri Rajdeep and Quota System Produce Yogendra, to say all this crap…Who’s buying into it?????

    On a serious note, PHASE III elections might give Dirty Congress some advantage, BJP will still emerge as the largest party, but will need support to form a government.

    I pray to god that this does not happen.

  2. Jiggs said

    Here’s another one:

    Govt hikes farm loan waiver to Rs 71,680 cr


    Our taxes going down the drain!!!!

  3. Saakshi said


    I dont really think that congress would have gotten the needed push in phase 3. It is still BJP very much, and BJP all the way. My intuition says BJP will form the government on its own. Let’s see.

    Regarding the loan waiver, expect more to come. Paswan is keen on some 80000 crore subsidy for fertilizers. The UPA has already shown that it will go ahead with the implementation of Sachar recommendations. More fund allocation to the stupid NREGA, and many more — which means tens of thousands of crore rupees of tax payers going down the drain.

    What better way to buy votes for self?

  4. Ahamed said

    I do not understand your mentality…

    Loan waiver to farmers is like money going in to drain…!!! If same thing is done by BJP in Karnataka…that is great achievement…

    Well… this is what our educated all about…

  5. Saakshi said

    Ahamed, while I can sense that you are unhappy for terming the UPA’s loan waiver a nonsense move, I cant really make out your view of just the loan waiver, without political consideration.

    Let me make it clear — what BJP has announced in Karnataka — free power for farmers, JDS’ loan waiver and Congress’ free colour TV sets — all are equally bad. These are all political gimmicks, especially loan waivers and free power supply promises are regressive. They discourage honest and hardworking farmers. And in most of the cases poor farmers never get benefited from such policies. As you know, small farmers [who are mostly poor also] go to brokers or local money lenders for loans and not to banks because of higher interest rates with the latter. The loan waiver policy of any government can address the issue with only the banks and not with that of private money lenders. Most of the farmer suicide cases are nothing to do with the banks. Now tell me, where will this 72000 crore Rs. loan waiver money go? And even if it will help the farmers, where will the finance minister get that much money to write off the loans? He himself doesnt know.

    Bottomline — its about the policy and people behind such policies that I criticised. If NDA would have done this, I would have taken the same stand.

    Last thing you need to note is that Yedyurappa of BJP when he was finance minister in Karnataka brought down the interest rate of farm loans to less than 5%. We need such policies, which will help the farmers directly.

  6. Prax said

    excellent analysis
    amazingly the pro obc yadav and the ibn mentor son of journalist and cricketer Rajedeep seemed to disappear today, and ibns news was very low key with old dd reporters handling the newsreading

  7. Ahamed said


    I agree with your view point on loan waiver schemes. However, 60% of the farmers take loans from the banks and about 40% of the farmers go money lenders which is quite big.

    However, the reason I support loan waiver schemes is not because it is handled by UPA. It is because, this allows the farmers to go for fresh loans for the agricultural needs, which is very essential in today’s food shortage scenario.

    Otherwise, the farmers tied with the loans and rising interest amount, can not continue the farming. This not only worsen their life, but reduced agricultural production.

    In this angle, (even rich farmers get benefitted by this scheme), if some % of poor farmers gets benefit out of it, this will help the nation in solving many issues.

    What do you think of this?

  8. Ishveshwariah said

    Excellent Foresight and prediction. The pro reservationist casteist Yogendra Yadav who calls himself a psephologist was proved wrong on all counts. Serves him right

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