Gujjar terror strikes Rajasthan

May 26, 2008

After the terror strikes, Rajasthan is burning again. The positive again is the brave manner in which most people of Rajasthan have handled it. The reason this time is traceable to the Gujjar agitation, the representative of whom is a Bhainsala, demanding a ST status for the gujjars.

The retrogade group has been making such a demand for a very long time now. The Meenas who are also a backward group are against including the Gujjars also in their share of the quota pie. The Chopra committee set up to examine the issue has spoken against the acceptance of the reservation for Gujjars. Yet, the Gujjars are relentless in claiming their backwardness. This is the kind of retrograde race set off by the reservations.

It is rather shameful that Mr. Sachin Pilot is relentless in making a demand that goes against all morality. He is the one that has given the Gujjars the hope and it is at his behest that the community has abandoned any activity and resorted to protests that have stalled most of the state. The congress should ask Sachin Pilot to shut up and the political parties must condemn the Gujjar movement strongly for making a mockery of the reservation scheme and reducing the work done by the Mandal committee to a joke.

Ms. Raje who was quick to act well after the Jaipur blasts has called in the army.

Now, the unavoidable violence is done with and further violence is being avoided. Mr Raje called for peace talks with Mr. Bhainsala who rejected the offer until a letter was sent to the PM. Sadly, Ms. Raje has sent that letter and recommended a special status be awarded to the Gujjars. I do hope that what Sachin Pilot is saying is correct and that this is only a token gesture. It would be a mockery of backwardness and reservations if the demands are met and if Sachin pilot continues as an MP. This kind of social terrorism, which affects the normal functioning of the society causing heavy economic and social loses apart from inducing hatred amongst different communities and trying to fall backward, should be handled mercilessly. Let the people of Rajasthan live in peace. And the so called well-educated-youth-icon MP is perhaps on a political-suicide mode.

This boils down to the primary question of reservations. Well…!!


3 Responses to “Gujjar terror strikes Rajasthan”

  1. Jiggs said


    Kiroli Singh Bhainsla is nothing but a Congress/U.P.A stooge….

    Who benefit’s from this issue and with a part of Rajasthan burning?????

    The Congress is at it again with the only thing it know’s the best :DIVIDE AND RULE, Congress invented the caste baed equation’s, states based on linguistic majority, regional satrap’s to stay in power.

    I won’t be surprised if Bhainsla will be awarded a ticket by Congress or back him as an Independent in the coming election’s.

    As regard’s to Sachin Pilot, this is a cover up for the Jaipur Blast’s and nothing else and you have the nerve to question CM Raje’s morality to continue in office, in that case your entire government must be awarded capital punishment for the 4000 lives that have been lost during your tenure.

    Vasundhara Raje, is a woman of substance and they way she has handled the situation is remarkable. Every CM in India must be ORDERED to follow the Rajasthan CM no nonsense approach on the issue. The loss of life is regretted, but the Gujjar’ are themselves to be blamed.

    Sachin Pilot, by making such statement’s you are justifying the actions of the Maharashtra Congress Government which failed to check violence against UP / Biharis by Raj Thackeray, else you sympathize with Raj Thackeray, what is it , Sachin Pilot??????

    Come 2009…all this will be solved…..

  2. Saakshi said

    Completely agree. Congress is trying to shift people’s focus off the Jaipur blasts. Even a child would say that the entire drama by Gujjars is backed by Congress in an election year. I do not know when the Congress will stop trying to win elections through back door.

  3. Jiggs said


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