My toast in the UPA party

May 26, 2008

I wanted to go to the UPA party, and since I do not belong to any party which Congress can form a coalition with, I had to fight hard for it. Finally, the only condition imposed upon me was to come in Khadi. I also gained permission to make a toast to the 4 years bygone. I prepared hard and long to prepare a list of achievements that the UPA had made and wrote them in the book that I carried that day. Some of my points were appreciating the achievements and others were questioning others which were quoted.

  • About 65 killed and 200 injured in Rajasthan, complete apathy from the government. The government eluding all common sense and placing the Pakistan talks and the Bangladeshi athithi’s concern over that of the common people. And within 10 days of the blast, the UPA is celebrating 10 years in office. The question is, celebrating what? To that I toast.
  • Its not been over a month since the curtains were lifted on the PM trying to promote the nepotist interests of Mr. T R Baalu, the shipping minister. The defence was absolutely lame, saying that he was just forwarding the letters. The 9 letters sent in a matter of 5 months also contained reminders and mentioned the previous letter. The PM knows he is guilty of promoting private interests of some individuals in gross misuse of authority given to him but it does not matter because we know he only wants to impress his coalition partners. That is also why many people were called here, to that I toast.
  • Mr. Arjun Singh was being touted as a hero until he committed the sin of speaking against the congress albeit in a mild manner. The gentleman who introduced reservations had immense opportunities to listen to public will. The protests went on for about an year before the court had to step in and impose a stay. He could have done what the court has done now, without the matter having to go to the court at all. A batch of students could not reap the benefits because the Arjun Singh did not act democratically by listening to the legitimate concerns of the people. But that is still our biggest achievement, and to that I toast.
  • The UPA government formulated the Sachar committee to examine and remove the backwardness of the Muslim community in various jobs in India. While there are poor in all classes, the government is addressing only one community to tap its votes in a manner that is not appropriate in a secular nation. But whatever, I must congratulate you for your PM having spent sleepless nights over their plight. To your spirit of minority politics, I toast.
  • Our home minister you have given for 4 years, Mr. Patil who does not know that Afzal Guru is not a Pakistani, who is completely unaware about his ministry giving directions to round up Bangladeshi immigrants, who compares the attack on the parliament to the mistaken identity of Sarabjit to be commensurate crimes has absolutely made strides in achieving national security by ensuring that there are no less than 22 attacks on the country, manifold more in Kashmir and innumerable attacks by insurgents. To the “sleeping at home” minister Mr. Shivraj, I toast.
  • Chinese dragon has been roaring much louder ever since you assumed office. It knows, you have no spine to stand up to it. There have been more than 400 intrusions in the past two years into our borders. There have been open claims on not just Arunachal, but also on parts of Sikkim. Despite all this, you have such a friendly heart that you trounce even the democratic protests by Tibetans against the Chinese oppression. To your kind neighbourhood, I toast. Oh, OK, Karat wants to toast you for this. Yes Sir, please.
  • The congress should be appreciated for having people like Arjun Singh. Mr. Arjun Singh hails the first time in parliament – Mr. Rahul Gandhi to be the PM in waiting. Getting the “yuvraj” angry he tries to say that he is not sycophantic. He is being given cold treatment for speaking against the high command of Congress and, in a bid to defend, the ultimate boot licking comes when Mr. Arjun Singh pledges his loyalty to the Gandhi family. After that not a day has passed since he heaps praise on Ms. Sonia and Rahul baba. To such “leaders”, I toast.
  • The government issues add with its achievements where the cabinet and other responsibility holding members of the party are placed as picture. This time the UPA also issued ads, but Ms. Sonia, who holds no portfolio was also present. Actually the PM would have denied it earlier and made some statements in the air to seem like he was in command, but now, the situation is peace. The people have gotten used to being under the proxy rule of the Italian lady. To such buffoonery, I toast.
  • The biggest achievements have been to establish proxy heads in every office, starting from the Governors to that of the President and VP. The president, Ms. Pratibha, has been issuing statements from her messages from the ghosts, shielding the fact that she is the most tainted, most senior person in the government. Mr. Hamid Ansari also is a very resourceful person, throwing out people in Rajya Sabha when the question about the nepotism is rather awesome when it was not even asked. To such rubber stamps I toast.
  • The government is standing with the support of the Left, the inflation has been making even normal existence in the nation nearly impossible. And we keep singing about aam aadmi. To such phony campaigns I toast.
  • The Indian food security and agriculture are facing great problems. While Mr. Swaminathan makes many recommendations which with some initiative will help the farmers, the Congress has taxed the honest farmers by waiving the loans taken from banks. A 60% farmers were left out in doling out a scheme that cost more than it would have cost to insure their future by continuing and expanding the farm insurance policy that was introduced by NDA. The loan waiver was both inadequate, and costly way of tackling the problem of agricultural productivity and it has sparked off another chain of suicides. But it was understood as a move which was pro-farmers even though most of them were left out of it. And to such schemes I toast.
  • The UPA’s highlights can not miss the Indo-US nuclear deal. While no party other than the Congress is inclined to accept the deal, while the opposition asks for a renegotiation, the Congress has been sabotaging the debate over the deal by saying that India would lose face by not honouring the deal. The PM has not been making any efforts to continue the debate and obtain a consensus on the issue. To such parliamentary spirit or the absence thereof, I toast.
  • The strategies in the UPA pockets are many, some would blow my mind off too. A simple one of that, which is that of buying the election commissioners. And notwithstanding the age of 71, handing him the ministry of youth affairs is another part of your clever strategies. To such policies I toast.
  • We have about 30 crores of poor people in the country, who do not have enough for daily subsistence. But our PM is very choosy and he says that the Muslims have the first right over the nations resources. I hand over my glass to my Muslim friend so she toasts to you in gratitude.

At the risk of getting very drunk, I list down the best of the points from my book

  • First thing the UPA did upon assuming its office was asking Britain not to hold the accounts of Ottavio Quattrochi and more at the behest of Ms. Sonia to honour her friendship with him and then later letting him go free by failing to put up a good show in Argentine courts, and then not letting the nation know that Quattrochi has walked free.
  • A head count in the Defence on the religion basis.
  • Very late action on food security — no imports and no ban on exports till april this year.
  • The union minister’s novice analysis saying that changing food habits are responsible for the rise of prices and that poor are eating too much.
  • Scores of terror attacks on the nation and none of them have been cracked completely till now.
  • Imposition of President’s rule in Bihar (SC also declared it illegal), Goa, Nagaland because of installed Governors. Cruel murder of democracy in many states and in particular Jarkhand where history was created when an independent candidate was made the CM, again with the helping ‘hand’ of the Governor.
  • Usage of parliament to give heed to personal vendettas as shown in the case of the removal of the AIIMS director and the SC observation thereafter.
  • Misuse of parliament system again to save Sonia’s head from rolling with the extremely biased ‘office of profit’ bill.
  • The cabinet ministry in the UPA government has done something that no one has done before. To question in denial the existance of Lord Rama, when it was not even necessary in the context.
  • The centre has been observing silence in dealing with the Left inspite of the Left government using the police to murder people in Kerala and West Bengal. The silence over the misgovernance in Kerala and Nandigram episodes go on to say the position that Congress has taken on these issues.
  • Hon. minister, Mr. Mani Aiyar (no longer in cabinet) in arrogance of coming to power asking for the photo of Veer Savarkar to be removed from the parliament house. Veer Savarkar fought bravely and long for the country for the independence which the Congress ministers in the arrogance of power have failed to see.
  • To treat Taslima Nasreen like an international prisoner as a resounding slap to freedom of speech.
  • The RTI which is touted as one of the achievements of the UPA government, was an initiative taken by Shri. H D Shourie, the father of Mr. Arun Shourie, the same was modified through debate in the parliament to make more inclusions and said to be a big achievement of the UPA government.
  • Introduction of the womens bill is also named as an achievement; the NDA government has introduced the bill twice. Highly misleading, the UPA is making last straw.

Well, I must stop here. You are hardly listening to me, but to Mr. Amar Singh.


41 Responses to “My toast in the UPA party”

  1. Pradeep said

    Shame on UPA and it’s crooked allies (all-lies)

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  3. I guess Karnataka is a sign of things to come. Lets hope we get a government that takes action rather than warm their seats and boil our blood. UPA has wasted precious time in India’s growth and prosperity path. Shame on them.


  4. Cracker of a post. Great one!

  5. Atanu Dey said

    While doing all the toasting, let’s also remember to raise a toast for the Indian voter. Remember, god almighty did not appoint the Italian lady and her bunch of buffoons to lead India; a fairly sizable number of Indian voters did that.

    Actions have consequences. We suffer because of what we have done. Karma is a bitch.

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  8. Sudeep said

    Your dudeness

    I toast you 🙂

  9. null said

    It is biggest achievement is keeping the horrid BJP out of power

  10. Vishal said

    Arjun Singh : “Arey koi uthao mujhe, ye Saakshi ko toast karna hai, jab tak golden brown na ho jaye”

  11. Saakshi said

    Thanks all for your comments. Thanks Nitin, Atanu and Desipundit for linking to this post from your blogs.

    Rahul — I completely agree with you, that the UPA has wasted valuable 4 years [it will obviously do the same over next year] in India’s growth period.

    Atanu — yes, it’s sad that people voted an Italian. But the same people would be voting her out in 2009, my intuition says. Let me not toast the voter!

    Null — Do you really think UPA kept the BJP out of power? There are more states under BJP than those under Congress. It has been 12 defeats for the Congress in states after they came to power in Delhi. And expect at least two more in 2008. The biggest one will come in 2009, though.

  12. Prax said

    wow! thats one big list
    now they want to tax us to fill the void left by the oil subsidisation

  13. Prax said

    sorry its in the oil subsidization

  14. bunty said

    But as ministers go, surely Pramod Mahajan should be toasted too, along with his 2000crs wealth, 200 concubines and 20 scandals. But you neednt toast him, I believe his son did that in ample measure along with his secretary, together in a bath tub of all places!

  15. kaangeya said


    Chiming with Atanu, I go further. Hats off to what we consider a less educated electorate in Karnataka and Gujarat, who unlike the sheep in Tamil Naadu would not be bought off. Every Tamizh language bigot (they number in the millions) the world over must hang their heads in shame at the utterly stupid actions of their fellow Tamizh speakers in Tamil Naadu who fell for the DMK’s offer of free colour TVs. While the Congress which made a similar offer in Karnataka came a cropper.

  16. Anjan said

    Good article Saakshi..In fact, you have summed up all my efforts to write an anti-UPA article. Good points.

    Sonia Gandhi is the root of all the growth sabotage. She just wants to keep BJP out of power and not bothered about the country.

  17. clash said

    A good BJP Toast!

  18. Sriram said

    How did you miss the NREGS?

  19. Apollo said

    simply breathtaking :). what a toast/post!!

  20. blue bike said

    Nice post …
    But as Atanu has said, its the voters who did that …and I loved his line “Karma is a bitch” 🙂
    Its the “educated” voters of Bombay who chose a clown like Govinda to represent them !! My toast for Govinda.
    Has he ever set foot on a local train after his election campaigns?
    was he there during 26th July floods?
    I really wish the UPA government is voted out this time,
    Ofcourse NDA ain’t the best alternative but I believe they’re lesser of two evils.

  21. Srini said

    awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. bostanian passerby said

    Excellent post!

  23. socal said

    nice collation. You can also toast the govt. for mendaciously forgetting Pokhran’98 without a hiccup. The money they have spent on Nehru, Gandhi, Ghandi et al.’s anniversaries stands in dark contrast.

  24. wiki said

    Islamic terrorism is BJP’s gift to us Indians and that is more than enuff to take us back to the stone ages.

    by the by why is Raje blaming the Bangladeshis now ?? What was she doing all these 4 yrs? Earlier the bjp was on power for more than 5 yrs and never bothered to deport the bangladeshis. If they had done that then we wudnt have suffered this much.

  25. Saakshi said

    Bunty — I dont deny corruption charges against Mahajan, but surely, whatever money he would have made will be far lesser than what Sonia received from KBG and Quattrochi 😀

    Kaangeya — You are correct in a sense. I am amazed by the attitude of so called educated folks. What would you call the well educated people of Chennai? What would you term the ‘most credible newspaper of India’ rallying behind DMK? The daily even termed the colour TV set distribution as a step towards ensuring social equality. And you know who rallied behind Congress in Karnataka — NGOs, few Professors from IIM B, few journalists and a bunch of intellects — all well educated!

    Sriram and Socal — Thanks for pointing out the NREGS and non-celebration of Pokhran. Though NREGS’ intentions are good, its implementation is extremely ill-managed and has resulted in high corruption.

    Wiki — Is Islamic terrorism BJP’s gift? You must be joking. Although I am no BJP woman, but let me defend it now. Current Islamic terrorism started the day Kashmir became a contentious issue between India and Pakistan. But it was there before also, in the acts of Ghori and Ghazni and Aurangazeb. Regarding Rajasthan and Raje, I must say she is a role model for Indian women. We need such strong women politicians. She had had written to the Home ministry many times on Bangladeshis. This is not the first time she has raised the issue. If you are against any action on Bangladeshis, then listen — it was the center itself which suggested the state to quarantine the illegal migrants. But Raje could not do that due to lack of any such laws in the constitution. But I agree on one term with you, that NDA did not do much to address this issue. You should realise that the issue of illegal Bangladeshis is much bigger and has larger impact than just politics.

  26. wiki said

    Who started abusing the Indian Muslims and made them insecure in this country?? Is it not the BJP for its narrow political ends?? The more abused they were the more they went into the Islamist hold of Pakistan’s ISI. BJP makes them unwanted so they will naturally go to people who can support them and ISI is one of them.

    Rest of Indian Muslims dont have anything to do with Kashmiri Muslims’ “struggle”. The Kashmiri/Pakistani terrorists just found out vulnerable and insecure Indian Muslims – all thanks to BJP’s politics – and used them to spread terror in rest of India after they were brainwashed.

    Its stupid to term medieval Islamic invasions as terrorism. Then what the Hindu kings did too is terrorism.

    Raje a role model???? ROFL. I will bet my last rupee that even if NDA comes back to power next yr, no illegal Bangladeshi will be deported.

  27. Saakshi said

    Wiki — if I argue in the same way, 4 lakh Kashmiri Pundits should have become terrorists too. If every ‘abused’ person becomes a terrorist, think of the society.

    Give me example of one country in this world where the minorities are treated on par with the majority other than India. 60 years of proper appeasement. With the kind of minority appeasement politics, why do the Muslims feel insecure in India? Many studies have shown that Muslims are safer and have better livelihood in India than in its neighbours. Dont you feel Hindus are getting insecure due to vote ban politics? Should they become terrorists now?

    [I am not bothered much about religions. But whenever I see politics being played for the sake of votes, I feel agitated]

  28. wiki said


    Not all Muslims are terrorists but the vulnerable and brainwashed ones have became coz there was Pak’s ISI waiting for them. As for the Pandits they are a minority only in their state and not in India as a whole. So they have the state’s protection.

    In a secular state everybody is to be treated equally even if the dictionary meaning is different. And this 60 yrs of Muslim appeasement crap is RSS propaganda coz if that was true then Muslims wud have been far better off than Hindus in all aspects. They were used as a vote bank and nothing else. Tall promises were made to them by politicians but they hardly fullfilled them. Only those Hindus who fall for RSS propaganda are insecure in India.

    So u feel agitated when politics is played for votes. So u think BJP never played politics for votes?

  29. wiki said

    Correction: So they have the Indian state’s protection.

  30. wiki said

    As for being insecure in India, u can the BJP for making us all sitting ducks for the terrorists’ next death dance. Other than that there is no other insecurity.

  31. wiki said

    correction: As for being insecure in India, u can thank the BJP for making us all sitting ducks for the terrorists’ next death dance. Other than that there is no other insecurity.

  32. clash said

    ha ha Raje- the designer woman a role model for Indian woman?( With 350-400 million still reeling in poverty) She is just another elitist who got on to the hindutva band wagon.

    Speaking of Terrorism, our system – be it BJP or Congress; have not given an kind of comprehensive answers. All we hear when a blast happen is the usual names. There has been no comprehensive verdicts. So, there is no way that we claim the perpetrators are the ones whom we are finger pointing at. in the same manner when ever the majority community brandished their superiority by killing thousands of Muslims; we hardly moved to condemn or punish the perpetrators.

  33. Navneet said

    @ Wiki

    “As for the Pandits they are a minority only in their state and not in India as a whole. So they have the state’s protection…”

    Total BS .. for had they been under the state’s protection, they wouldn’t have been refugees in their own country. People still recount how muslim neighbors laughed away and mocked at them while they left, grabbing their lands etc etc.

    “In a secular state everybody is to be treated equally even if the dictionary meaning is different. And this 60 yrs of Muslim appeasement crap is RSS propaganda coz if that was true then Muslims wud have been far better off than Hindus in all aspects.”

    Dude, get this.. appeasement need not raise social/economic standing of a community. You, by no stretch of imagination can conclude that since Muslims arent better off after 60 years, (which again depends on how you see it, there is no quantitative way ) ,there is no appeasement. It always caters to the vote bank politics though. Manmohan Singh claiming muslims have first right over the resources is the highest level appeasement that you can ever see.

    “Only those Hindus who fall for RSS propaganda are insecure in India.
    So u feel agitated when politics is played for votes. So u think BJP never played politics for votes. As for being insecure in India, u can the BJP for making us all sitting ducks for the terrorists’ next death dance. Other than that there is no other insecurity.”

    Again, a comment so far away from reason. I can sense your antipathy towards BJP but lame comments dont make sense. Every right minded Indian, be it Muslim , Christian or Hindu has every reason to be insecure. Already, with the govrnment messing up with quotas for OBCs etc, general category is feeling the heat. If the same are extended based on one’s religion, its gonna aggravate the situation. People are fighting for backwardness now. Religion based quotas will lead to conversions and more tensions. Just imagine a Hindu – Muslim angle to the current Gujjar standoff issue.

    Terrorism.. BJP has had little role to play in the sprout of terrorism in India. So attributing the hatred of Muslims towards Hindus to BJP is a very dumb one frankly. Its a kind of propaganda that the terrorists generally like to use to brainwash muslims and I wouldnt expect a rational person to be carried away by it . You are making terrorism look like a new phenomenon. However, if I were to bring it to your notice, insurgency had started way back in the 1980’s.

  34. Navneet said

    *right minded = rational .. Lest my comments are read in a wrong manner due to inherent bias in the readers 🙂

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  36. harry said

    interesting wat u have here…i’m sure the UPA would want to consider some points above…seriously.

  37. […] only condition imposed upon me was to come in Khadi. I also gained permission to make a toast to t New breed of American emerges needing foodstamps27.5 million Americans are now relying on […]

  38. Hindus: majority yet minority
    Author: Francois Gautier
    Publication: The Indian Express
    Date: December 4, 2000

    Hindus, who comprise the majority population of India, boasts of one the oldest cultures of the world. Sanskrit is often thought as the mother of all languages; Hindu philosophy has to considerably fashioned Greek mythology and Celticlore (as demonstrated by French Indianist Guy Deleury); and these two traditions represent the foundation of all European culture.

    We all know that the zero concept originated from India, but it is not so well known that the Egyptians used Hindu arithmetic concepts to build their pyramids, that Hindus inspired Pythagorean mathematics, or what an 18th century French astronomers Jean-Claude Bailly had remarked: ‘Hindu calculations of the position of the stars and of solar eclipses were so precise that we are still using them today’.

    Thus the Hindus, inheritors of an immense, noble and age-old culture, constitute 85 per cent of India and represent the social, religious and cultural majority of this emerging Asian superpower of the 21st century. And yet, their voice is rarely heard in India. They are respected neither in home, nor abroad; and they generally lack self-confidence.

    Could it be that Hindus are a psychological minority in India, whereas minorities, such as the Christians, which constitute only 3 per cent of the population, wield an enormous moral power in this country, thanks to the quality of their schools and hospitals and because of the pride they have in their own religion and moral standards?

    All European children, Italian or German, are brought-up on Christian values and Greek philosophy. It would be impossible, in France for instance, for the Muslim minority – immigrants from French ex-colonies such as Algeria or Morocco to impose their views and culture on the government. In fact, Muslim girls are not allowed to wear a veil when they go to French school: ‘you are in France, you have been given the French nationality, so behave like a French first and like a Muslim second’, they are told bluntly.

    Would that be possible in India? Would any Indian except the much-maligned RSS, have the courage to ask Muslims to be Indians first, and Muslim second? Or tell Catholics and Protestants that they have to revert to a more Indianised Christianity, such as the one that existed in Kerala before the arrival of the Portuguese Jesuits? And see how stridently Muslims and Christians backed by most of the media – react when the Human Resources Minister, Dr Murli Manohar Joshi, wants to teach Indian children a little bit of the greatness of their culture.

    There are two sets of standards used in India amongst intellectuals; one for the Christians or the Muslims; and one for the Hindus. When the Australian missionary Graham Stains and his two sons were killed the Indian and foreign press spent weeks – if not months – in eulogizing Graham and making Nazis of all Hindus held responsible for his murder. But if a few days later 20 labourers, as innocent as Stains’ two sons, are savagely assassinated by separatists in Kashmir, it will only warrant a few lines in Indian newspapers, without any of the outraged comments which followed Staines murder.

    When the Ayodhya mosque was brought down, it was as if eternal shame had descended upon India. ‘Death of secularism’, ‘Hindu fundamentalists have taken over the country’, ‘a Black Day in the history of our democracy’, the newspapers screamed. However unfortunate the Ayodhya episode was, nobody was killed there; but the terrible Bombay blasts which followed, orchestrated by Indian Muslims, with the active help of Pakistan and the silent approval of Saudi Arabia, which took the lives of hundreds of innocent Hindus, never warranted the kind of moral indignation which followed Ayodhya.

    Hindus are ironically chased from their own ancestral lands. There were one million of them in Kashmir in 1900 but only a few hundred today, the rest having been made to flee through terror. In the North-East, Hindus are being outnumbered by Bangladeshi illegal immigrants and terrorized by pro-Christian separatist groups, such as the Bodos or the Mizos. In Karnataka, a bill will bring more than 43,000 Hindu shrines and maths under the commissioner’s control. This act does not apply to Christians and Muslims. The Indian government still sponsors the Haj pilgrimage.

    Hindus should become a little prouder of themselves: there is ample talent and brains in India today. Hindu children regularly top their schools and universities in the US, they are the best programmers of this planet and are are amongst the richest people in UK, the US or Canada. Why can’t the majority of this marvelous, diverse, ancient and extraordinary country stop behaving as if it was a moral minority?

  39. sagar reddy9948873149 said

    a.p.TIGER DYNAMIC C.M. DR Y.S. RAJA SHEKHER REDDY IS THE ONLY C.M who really rulls and brings RAMA RAJYAM back……….
    it’s impossible to a normal actor like chiranjeevi garu and a self confidence less fellow sri nara chandra babu naidu………….


    long live YSR SAAAAABB

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    God love google, nice stuff. Have an excellent day….

  41. I have to say that for the last few of hours i have been hooked by the impressive articles on this blog. Keep up the wonderful work.

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