Jhoot bole kauvva nahin kaate!

May 28, 2008

Jhoot bole kauvva kaate is their tag-line. Even that is a jhoot; otherwise, people at Tehelka would have died many times by now due to crow attacks!

You can read a lot of anti-national and insane news in this ‘mainstream’ weekly. The latest one is a report on the Jaipur blasts condemning its politicisation. But it is basically condemning action against the illegal Banglasdeshi migrants whom it calls hapless. We know how hapless these Bangladeshis are. They have ration cards,voter ids and all the documents that a true citizen of India should have. They were provided with these by the Congress. When V P Singh was prime minister, it is told by the Rajasthan Governor, the congress man himself, that many such ration cards were promised to the Bangladeshis. The Tehelka report is so well articled that any one upon reading it will feel bad for the detained Bangladeshis. But let us not forget the innocent lives lost in the blasts. And the blasts did not happen without the support of Bangladeshis.

While nothing has been written till now on Jaipur blasts, Tehelka already is bearing flag for these Bangladeshis. Really, what is important to us? The magazine has made Rahul baba the cover story twice, but nothing on Jaipur blasts till now! What is the reason to rally behind those illegal migrants? In parallel, the publication is carrying a series on Pokhran tests, naturally, condemning them. One of the ‘greatest secular intellectual of our time’ –- Praful Bidwai continuing the tirade launched long back against the Pokhran tests.

Why should there be a dilemma between supporting action against illegal migrants and their human rights? I remember reading Mukul Sharma in The Hindu arguing that the human rights of illegal Bangladeshis be protected and respected. The human rights crusaders present a contradicting dichotomy of preferences. While they would claim to be immensely sympathetic to the terror victims, they oppose every move to counter terrorism or maintain law and order. We should rather send such ‘intellects’ to Bangladesh along with those illegal immigrants.

While it is true that all humans deserve human rights, it still does not justify the silence over the sheer number of illegal immigrants (about 25% of population in Assam) and the inconvenience caused. The government suggests moves like rounding them up and putting them in transit camps, later backtracks and criticises these moves and intellectuals make a hue and cry. Shouldn’t the centre rather identify moves according to foreigners act and give requisite directions to the states for that? It was due to inaction that the HC rapped the Delhi state government and set very big targets of deportation to them. The Delhi government has been striving to comply by the court order. The fact that the centre has not accepted the problem as a problem is a signal for the problem escalating in the times to come.

Coming back to Tehelka, a part of  Indian media is under the delusion that they will remain secular as long as they keep bashing BJP and critise its decisions –- be it good or bad. Added to that, Tehelka is carrying out a vicious false campaign against IITM, AIIMS and other reputed institutions also on similar fictitious lines. The fourth estate has really failed the people to say in the least.

Now expect the weekly to carry an item on BJP’s win in Karnataka and attribute the reason to politics of ‘communalism’. Also, expect self proclaimed intellectual, naxallite sympathiser and all time big BJP basher Ms. Gauri Lankesh to shed tears on the ‘death of secularism’ in the state. Bah!


3 Responses to “Jhoot bole kauvva nahin kaate!”

  1. Navneet said

    Tarun Tejpal, the congress media agent indeed!! I am just amazed at the way Tehelka comes up with sting operations against BJP folks consistently…. I am sure Kangressis are 100 times more corrupt.

  2. dosabandit said

    Boy, that Gauri Lankesh really lost it, didn’t she?

  3. Saakshi said

    Navneet — Something really strange with Tehelka and its journalism is that they had all the courage to do sting operations against the NDA, but not even a single against the UPA. Does Tehelka think UPA is a holy cow?

    Dosabandit — Yes, she is a loser. She has failed her father’s legacy. Now she has waged a war against Yeddyurappa. Let’s see the tamasha!

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