Ms. Raje shows the way

May 28, 2008

I have always held that Raje is a much better role model to women than Ms. Pratibha Patil or Ms. Sonia Gandhi. Trying times are the real test of a person, and Raje has handled and is handling the trying times in Rajasthan exceptionally well.

She was quick to act when the terror strikes happened, she restored calm and asked action from the centre. She reassured the people and did not hinder the investigations. It was for having asked the centre for action that she was reprimanded, albeit wrongly. Misogynist Mr. Patil who tried to hit her by irony, saying, may be she was shaken, there were no such directions from the centre, must have faced immense embarrassment when the evidence about the home ministry’s order was made public by the media. She was relentless and she has been looking into her states interest all along.

Ms. Raje who handled the post terror strike situation very well, was posed another challenge. That of the Gujjar agitation. Mr. Bhainsala crossed all lines of decent protests and still compared his right to protest to that of Gandhiji’s satyagraha. And the centre was fueling the whole incident through Mr. Pilot instead of pacifying it. Instead of giving any directions on the issue the centre sought to play petty politics.

The allegations that she had promised the ST status to the Gujjars in order to come to power is actually not true, she had promised to look into the matter and take care of the welfare of the Gujjars. And in that aspect she has been more than fair to the Gujjar communinty. After coming to power she set up a commission to look into the matter of ST status – Chopra commission. The findings of the commission were that the status of the group were far from those necessary for ST status and that the status should not be awarded. In the report that was submitted in December 2007, the commission also observed that the Gujjars were indeed a backward caste and some relief packages should be given to them. The report was forwarded to the centre and Raje has alo set up a board under the leadership of Ramdas Agarwal and a relief package of Rs. 282 crores for their welfare. The recommendations of the commission were also carried out. The Gujjars were given their fair share.

Recently the media has been at its negative best. While some say that the move is only symbolic and time buying technique others have written whole articles saying that she is not committed to the issue because she wrote to the PM and not the tribal ministry! It would be hard to say what motivates such articles but they are definitely false. Even when Mr. Bhainsla called for a strike and after the strike, Ms. Raje has called him to have peace talks. Mr. Bhainsla has refused to talk until a letter was sent to the centre. Ms. Raje has done just that the very next day and asked for the centre to intervene. This was required as the state was pretty much burning. About 50 km of railway track has been uprooted, police was attacked with stones and an officer was beaten to death. At this point Raje did the right thing and took the immediate possible solution by asking the centre to intervene.

And it is not as if the ball was thrown in centre’s court, the ST status can be provided or refused by the centre alone. Moreover the matter concerns more than one state and in such a case the onus is on the centre to take a call on the issue. So as far as political commitment to the issue is concerned Raje has done well by doing her part completely.

Other problem is with the deaths, it would be interesting to pay attention to the reason why these deaths have happened. When you examine the articles you notice that the police had to open fire when people started beating up police and when a police officer was beaten to death. It is not as if Raje has been spearheading the violence on the Gujjars or a certain personal vendetta was being vented. If the movement is now peaceful then it is because of the number of forces that have been deployed.

It is left to be seen what Mr. Sachin Pilot would do at this time, with it apparent in front of him that the status can be awarded only unfairly. In either way the Congress stands to lose the trust of the people. By awarding the status they would be going against the principles of reservation and falling to unfair demands and if they do not, they should control the protesters. Mr. Sachin pilot or some one from the centre should put the protesters down and explain why it should not come up.

The caste based politics in the age of reservation can only be destructive.


4 Responses to “Ms. Raje shows the way”

  1. Jiggs said


    There is no Question on the QUEEN OF INDIAN HEARTS, commitment for good governance.
    For the record, all please note that Rajasthan Government under her able leadership dis bursed the ex gratia relief payment announced in the aftermath of the Jaipur blasts theVERY NEXT DAY.
    Guys…..We are talking about a tireless effort by her and the babus to identify victims and disburse the payment. THIS IS CALLED EFFECIENCY.

    The Gujjar issue, Saakshi you are absoluetly right about the Chopra Committee and the subsequent fund kept aside for the Gujjars.

    I have been saying this all along, THAT THE CURRENT FLARE UP HAS CONGRESS WRITTEN ALL OVER IT, anybody questioning this reasoning must be flogged in public!!!

    MMS, might be a lame duck PM, but he has one virture which all readers will agree and that is his talking TRUTH, yesterday on TIMES NOW, a news alert was flashed that the channel has in its possession two letters:

    1. Letter from the PM to the Ministry of Tribal Affairs to look into this issue and reply to the Rajasthan CM
    2. MMS reply to Vasundhara acknowleding reciept of her letter in Dec 07 , with a note that the matter has been reffered to the Ministry of Tribal Affairs.

    Now the Dhimmedia can go shedding crocodile tears over the loss of life by the RUTHLESS Vasundhara, but for me she is an able administrator and efficient public servant.

    The Congress will get slapped yet again in the elections,as the people of Rajasthan have now vowed that this party must be taught a further lesson. This issue is boomerang back on to them like Sonia Gandhi’s famous ” MAUT KE SAUDAGAR REMARK” on Narendra Modi ‘s Gujarat Government.

    I am waiting for that day when the people of Rajasthan will re-elect Vasundhara Raje’s BJP government with 2/3 rd majority again!!!!

  2. Rohit said


    Two points:

    a) From what I have read, Raje government did promise ST status to the Gurjjars. Now we can al have a debate on whether it was a categorical assurance or she merely promised to look into the demand, but she played the caste card. Afterall, even then she could have said that it is not for the state to decide ST demand. As Nitin has argued, her party has failed to resist the politics of quota.

    b) Gurjjars are not going to be persuaded because technically it is the central government’s call. In fact, what they are demanding from the state government is a letter to the center recommending ST status. Quite clearly, Ms Raje cannot do that unless she is prepared to antagonize the Meenas. Ms Raje will have to bite the bullet and take a stand against cancer of reservations which is spreading. Recommending a quota for Gurjjars or her latest brain child of 10-20% of economically backward is more of the same. I am not convinced as to how it will solve the crisis in Rajasthan.

  3. Saakshi said

    I agree, in all probability the assurance to the gujjars could have been on the lines of quota. Gujjars are not going to be persuaded, they are waiting for further reaction from the govt. Wharton boy, Sachin Pilot is the person to carry on the demand quite irrationally so.
    I think complete inaction on the issue on the part of Raje from now on is best. The gujjars are already getting their quota as OBC’s. To give either some % reservation or to hand them the ST status is only going to spark similar such demands across the nation. Even if it means antagonising the gujjars or going out of power, she should maintain that stance.
    Today again the ministry of legal affairs has rejected the letter. Expect the ball to pass from one court to the other because whoever acts on this, centre or state by giving either of 10% reservation or the ST status will suffer in the Rajasthan elections to come.
    Even if Raje had promised the ST status, she can not send the recommendation to the centre without any data. And she has done everything except that. The Chopra commission findings make the recommendation further unlikely. The gujjars hopefully will understand that and rally in front of the centre instead. As for her part Raje’s job is done after she makes the centre agree to take some call on the matter.

  4. veeru said

    Well, thats a very gud debate here at sakshi. Keep going am now in Jaipur on some work, and i can c d tension though subtle, everywhere.

    Held up here coz of gurjar protests (or is it blackmail), hoping to get back to work today.

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