Someone show them the right map

June 1, 2008

I came across this news report in, the website of a new 24×7 ‘secular’ English news channel. What amazed me was the map shown there. The map of Pakistan includes occupied Kashmir also. If it were to be a Pakistani news channel, I would not have written this post.

I could not, but laugh when I found that the map was taken from!!


A similar post by Nitin of The Acorn shows how The Economist is meddling with the Indian map.


4 Responses to “Someone show them the right map”

  1. pr3rna said

    Unbelievable! An Indian channel doing it. This reflects the standard of their news coverage. If they can’t have the map of India right, how can you trust their journalists? I don’t know how it can be done but it should be brought to the notice of I& B ministry.

  2. Nitin said

    If I recall correctly, that map comes from the CIA World Factbook!

  3. Saakshi said

    Prerna — State of affairs at some of these English news channels are pathetic when it comes to strategic issues such as maps. Never mention the Hindi channels. They just dont bother. If the news channel really wanted to award PoK to Pakistan, they could have used the original map itself, which Nitin has mentioned here — from the CIA world factbook and not from Flickr!
    This is the link —

    Nitin — You are correct. What I wonder is the map is the latest [updated in May 2008] which shows PoK as apart of Pakistan. Why are Indian authorities not questioning the veracity of such a fact book? Are they, by any chance?

  4. Jiggs said

    Dhimmedia at it again.

    Guys….We must petition the BJP to spend as much as it can and weed out these rascals from India.

    The media must be tried for its follies….

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