Communalizing everything the congress way.

June 10, 2008

Afzal Guru – “Please don’t compare me with Sarabjit. The issues are separate. My sympathies are with him, but my fight is for the Kashmir conflict. Now, I am not even seeking any clemency and have no objection to the government deciding my fate.” [link]

Afzal Guru has also said something that MF Hussain also said sometime back. Paraphrasing : The UPA govt. biggest problem is its indecision, only the NDA can come and hang me and in case of Hussain that only NDA can bring me back to the country.

Afzal Guru is pending hanging for attacking the parliament, all courts from the lowest to the Supreme have sentenced him to death. The BJP is asking for an early implementation of the courts order so that justice is done to the brave soldiers who died fighting to protect the parliament.

The congress is in a different mood altogether, they have probably taken to Arundhati Roy’s advice “What is the hurry to hang him?”. Hope Ms. Roy got her answer from the horses mouth. The BJP does have a point in demanding action, more prolonged the issue, more communal a turn it takes. Earlier it would and should have been a simple hanging of a terrorist. The congress has managed to invent more angles to the issue in trying to protect him. Many muslim organisations have come out against terror, no muslim organisation as such opposes his hanging. What is the hold up?

Alright, if we want to move towards a no-hanging sort of a culture, then make the case for that, but do not please give it a communal angle and try to justify the innocence of Mr. Guru like human rights activists. The left would be more than happy to save some face as being a part of the govt. and help you formulate this. But why the delay?

Congress justifies. “There is no authenticity of Afzal’s statement, whether the interview was done with permission, and whether he actually said it or not. Rajnath Singh should know that is a constitutional process and hence it will take time,” Congress spokesperson Jayanthi Natarajan said.

Jayanthi Natarajan is trying to rub the delay off on the process, which does not exist. There are no procedures pending. No papers have moved on the issue, all trials are over and its plain action which is pending which the congress will not take. And as the matter gathers dust, it will seem as if those who ask for the court order to be obeyed are communal rascals.

The problem with congress is that they end up giving a communal angle to each issue.


5 Responses to “Communalizing everything the congress way.”

  1. anon1 said

    Minor quibble, but the phrase “justice is done to the brave soldiers who died fighting to protect the parliament” rings hollow.

    The soldiers are dead, and whatever happens to Afzal is not going to change that, or influence the soldiers in anyway.

    It’s sad, but the brave sacrifice of the soldiers isn’t related to whatever happens to Afzal. Enforcing the death penalty will only give some of *us* a sense of satisfaction, by making us believe that the death of Afzal somehow compensates for the brave sacrifice of the soldiers.

  2. Saakshi said

    I think you and me are not to decide the justice, the justice is at the hands of the courts and they have decided. So it is justice if you ask me.

    As regards the soldiers, they met their fate, and true that it wont change or influence that.

    I doubt though that it is for some satisfaction that Afzal Guru is being demanded to be hanged.

    I do not support any decision in this case, but the congress has managed to give a communal twist to what should have been persecution of a terrorist because of its inaction.

    And like I had said before, it would be good if the congress took a stance, because it is unfair to the voters otherwise. If they hang in the middle, they could swing either way. We can decide about them based on the stance they take on various issues.

  3. Jiggs said


    Mate….Eye for an Eye….

    Enough of this stupid Gandhian principle.

    It is because of this SHOWING RESTRAINT policy, all our MINISCULE neighbors are twisting our arms.

    The Hebrew language has a very apt word, which the Israelis treasure and implement , The word is EN BRERA ….It Means NO CHOICE…..


  4. Jiggs said



  5. […] and makes some arrests here and there.  In fact, the Indian President has been so kind as to grant pardon to a terrorist, and the government has released terrorist involved in minor […]

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