And the circus continues.

July 8, 2008

Left pulls the plug, finally. Amarsingh is singing ‘my dear Sonia’. Bush has suddenly become less harmful to Mulayam who won 2004 elections on anti-Bush campaign. Mehbooba Mufti, who pulled the carpet from under Ghulam Nabi is so fond of saving the government at the centre.

So whats the deal behind the deal?

1. J&K Govt?

2. Anil Ambani’s business?

3. Telangana state?

4. Reopening of Taj corridor case?

5. Keeping S M Krishna out of Karnataka politics?






2 Responses to “And the circus continues.”

  1. […] Left has decided to withdraw support to the UPA government and the Samajvadi patry duo have become patriotic. While we hope that the Indian voter will confine the Communists to […]

  2. Jiggs said

    Nothings behind the deal…..They just need some time to amass as wealth as they can…..

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