Ullu bana diya re..!

July 15, 2008

One fine evening SG, PK and AS-MSY met secretly in New Delhi to find out solutions to their woes, as they believed that each of them could help the rest in doing so.

SG started the conversation saying that the Congress had to do something regarding the nuke deal and something on the economic reforms with the trio of MMS-PC-MSA being at the helm of affairs and not doing anything will hurt the party’s prospects badly.

PK said that the Left could never be a part of something that is related to the US. Moreover, it can never allow the reforms to happen as they are opposed to its age-old philosophy. Also, their support base is shrinking in its own forts. It, some how, had to strengthen itself.

AS-MSY started crying that they have been caught badly in the mayajaal, which is even affecting the Congress and not allowing the prince to do anything in UP. And that the maya is very powerful that it has threatened their life.

SG, who was the madam-mind of the drama ‘the great sacrifice’ in 2004 came up a similar masterplan this time also. That, this plan would solve all their problems, it was agreed upon to implement at the earliest. Basically it was a simple, but very effective plan – the Left will oppose the deal to the extreme extent which will benefit itself. Stronger the opposition from the Left, stronger will become Congress’ image in people’s mind. Anyway, the Left has only to gain from this and nothing to lose, as the vehement opposition against the US will only consolidate its vote bank. And that AS-MSY were so much fed up with the maya,  supporting the UPA at the center will make them friends again and more importantly, now they can catch the maya itself! And maya will not dare to touch them further.

They all had a bash on that night. They were so impressed by SG’s plan that the Left promised a re-marriage after sometime and AS-MSY promised an unforgettable honeymoon on 22nd of this month.


On 22nd July –

The government wins trust vote.

Gainers – the UPA, the Left, the SP, AA group which has ‘relied’ upon the current marriage.

Losers – national interest, the BJP and more importantly, the aam admi.

And the secret bash continues with more leaders from the Left joining in and several new faces.

aam admi ko ullu bana diya re!


2 Responses to “Ullu bana diya re..!”

  1. Absolutely right! i have been saying this for long that left ‘felicitated’ and ‘ensured’ that the MMS govt survives after they (left) ‘go through the rituals’ of withdrawing support. Gave a hint at sandeeps post -some days back.

    How ever the ‘script’ has gone wrong. SG’s plan has backfired a bit.
    1. SG thought left only meant CPI(M) especially Sitaram. He forgot that PK gives too hoot to electrol politics and is a very Marxist Fundamentalists.

    2. To counter the soft Congressi in Red grab Sitaram, PM (Pranab Mukherjee) a Leftist under Congressi topi, tried to scuttle the plans of MMS.

    3. SG over estimated the ‘journalism of courage’ – my foot – reach and influence. His calculation based on the rotten ‘secularism’ that “Secular” parties would be wary of being seen as voting along with BJP, though he is still trying to shove it down the peoples throat has not been sucessful.

    4. Now the Somnath fiasco! Read my latest for why i want him to say Good Bye. somnath is being hailed by SG day in night out! Wonder, what is so great about him! Using Cricket’s parlance since Som Dada loves Cricket, his prejudice against BJP, declares him as having out “Hit Wicket’ or as they say in Soccer – a ‘Self Goal’. 🙂

    Admittedly, plan was as perfect as it could be. But then, politics is a very strange animal and very very dynamic.

  2. dosabandit said

    Could some successful scriptwriter’s skills have been employed by SG, again? The MOD incident being being the first. Just wondering.

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