A tragedy called Mayawati

July 21, 2008

The Third front is pitching Mayawati as their PM candidate. The idea has been supported by another tragic PM Devegowda, the Left and other small parties which are anti-congress and anti-BJP. I fail to understand how behen ji is qualified to become the PM of this nation.  It needs no more explanation for her governance after seeing how UP is being ruined.

She will not become PM, that is for sure. But I feel uncomfortable even if I hear such names being proposed for  the PM post. Just see how irresponsible and shameless these politicians are.


6 Responses to “A tragedy called Mayawati”

  1. clash said

    Ha ha, I seriously dont find anything wrong with Mayawati.

    I wonder if UP was anything better under Mulayam, Rajnath Singh or kalyan singh.

    The so called “yeducated & anglophile mass” in India cant stand these kind of politicians who are not suave and “yeducated”.

    Just take the case of railways, it was run by these suave, wax statue kind of politicans for 60 odd years and in the end we needed an un-yeducated man in lalu to overhaul it as a profitbale venture.

    Sheer arrogance and inherent racism in people like you make you despise mayawati.

  2. Saakshi said


    You havent got my point correctly. I agree, situation in UP was no better under Mulayam, Kalyan or Rajnath. But that doesnt make up for loss of another 5 years.

    Secondly, I am not doing any racist comment here. I am only arguing that people like Devegowda, Mayawati and Lalu are visionless.

    Thirdly, railways making ‘huge’ profits under lalu is a big myth, which I will discuss in due time. Meanwhile if you can learn the facts by yourself, that would be good.

  3. clash said

    Big myth?

    There is a huge difference between loss and profit. It being huge or not is not the question. But railways did manage to rake in some profit. Our suave politicians did not manage this, we needed lalu to do this. so, i dont think that makes him vision less.


    Congress and BJP with its prime ministers with loads of vision ruled India at different levels, nothing much has changed with that vision. If signing a nuclear deal makes Manmohan a man with oodles vision, then this whole argument is worthless as i feel it has got nothing to do with vision, but sadly he is pursuing his ideological obstinacy.

  4. Meenu said

    ps : lalu isn’t uneducated… he comes with BA and LLB tag behind him. And he speaks good english. ONly he loves to potray the “bihari” babu in public.

    i agree mayawati is a very bad contestant for india. I think our constitution must amended so as to prescribe minimum educational qualification (meaning one PG in relevant area) and also clean of crimes, corruption, charges, etc. With these barriers, i doubt if we would have politicians at all! but nevertheless, we can hope some good leadership.

    mayawati – unless she’s lalu style, i really doubt she can represent our country. Of course she can be a solid representation of Pakistan, iran and the like. SOmetimes i wonder if these Left, BSP and similar parties were born in india or they’re the jihadi tribes living in india to kill india? Mayawati actually opposed the nuclear deal because Iran – INdia gas pipeline would suffer!!!!! I want to ask her if she even knows how nuclear energy is generated?

  5. Thinku said

    You know, there are some figures who thrive on the hatred that the ‘learned’ and educated part of shining India shows towards them. It serves as a ladder for their purpose…

    Let us treat Mayawati as an opportunist politician and don’t hate her please…

  6. rang said

    You born in good families and never face any real heat which any dalit in his life. Why Mayawati can’t become a prime minister ? because of caste ..
    You can accpet a prime minister of parties who sell or surrender India to western country.

    Name me which party is not corrupt? She most powerful decision maker and she can handle the administration very well. she is four time CM of biggest state India. She is not dolls anybody hands.

    I feels on pity on the people when they I will change my citizenship.

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