Tremors felt in terror camps

July 26, 2008

Bangalore sees another terror plot. Well, what’s new in that! Hold on. The big news is that the terror camps both inside the country and across the border were jolted with tremors because of the roaring reaction of our great home minister Shri Shivraj Patil who said, and I quote – “….Such incidents will not deter the government from pursuing its policy of dealing with anti-national elements in a resolute manner.”

Bravo Patil. Keep issuing such statements; we dont need any other anti-terror mechanism. Your statements are enough to terrorise the terrorists themselves!


4 Responses to “Tremors felt in terror camps”

  1. Gaurav said

    Jab Shivraj Patil ko gussa aata hai to pakistan ki kisi gufa mein jihadi ko hansi aati hai

  2. Chandra said


    Gaurav, why in Land of the Pure? Hansi tho desi jihadi ko bhe aati hai…

  3. Thinku said

    hahaha 🙂 Good point made, in the right spirit!

    It is time when the home ministers come out of comforts of their homes and start thinking big… and real…

  4. Here’s another reality:

    Common Man: Chief Minister Sahib, roads jammed hain, too much traffic, no space to even walk. Please do something.
    Chief Minister: What are you saying? Everytime i go out, i dont see any traffic! My vehicle goes zoom. You people are only habit of complaining~

    This reflects the state of India, its politicians ~ and it reminds us of Royals of France(Got no bread? huh.. go eat cake).

    Maharajas were replaced by Britishers. Then they were replaced by Maharajas again – except that they are called Government Servants who treat the citizens as their slaves.

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