Congress gamble

July 11, 2008

Somehow it appears that the nation is waking up to the left hypocrisy, the public sentiment shifting rightly against them. And I myself am not fond of the left, they are China’s fifth column in India amongst other pathetic things. But as much as I hate the left and their policies, the nuclear fall out is not the making of the left. For once, apart from being blindly anti-american and anti-bush (who finishes the term before the deal comes into force) and linking the deal awkwardly to the IPI pipeline, this time the left have got it right on most things. It is fishy when you find the left thinking about the “national interest” suddenly, but the congress has been fishier on the deal issue more than any other party.

Some fallacies when put in context give the plot away. Start with the absolutely mistimed enthusiasm on the deal- US is going for elections, there are bleak, if not, zero chances of the deal getting through the US related procedures before the elections. After having kept the deal in cold storage for more than 2 years, why would the congress suddenly be re-energised to take the deal through now, at the most inappropriate of times.

The entire fall out drama is all the congresses making, who wanted to get rid of the left. The left was more of a liability than a help and with differences solved between Cong and SP the Congress needed an excuse to get rid of the left who are a part of all decisions in the parliament, give no proper suggestions in the parliament, and yet criticize severely outside the parliament. The fall out was all pre-planned to get out of this damaging alliance. And SP, now has won the brownie points by playing the savior to the government and now by digging all the muck they can summon to spoil the reputation of BSP. The congress for its part has parted quite happily and deserve no sympathy.

Instead, the sympathy should go to the common people, since in all this ruckus the congress has forgotten and neglected the issues that concern the people most. The economic mismanagement and the other national issues are now being attempted to be overshadowed by the petty bickering in the ruling alliance to meet the political ends of Congress. Moreover, the issue that the congress used, the nuclear deal is also not really going to help anyone for a long time to come. Nuclear power has long since ceased to be a cheaper source and survives on the govt. subsidies. Whats more, the deal does not even have adequate safeguards to ensure regular supply. This nuclear technology for generation of electricity is not likely to be cheaper than the electricity generated using locally available coal. The deal which is highly debatable is not even being made public, and inflation and price rises remain the biggest problems of the people.

The deal is, the issue around the deal to deviate attention, the staged downfall; the entire political drama is all the “innocent looking” Manmohan Singhji’s making.

With Dr. Manmohan Singhji at helm has taken ethics in politics have fallen to a new abyss.


Big deal

June 26, 2008

Recently there were demands that Mr. Advani could be a “statesman” by coming out in support of the deal. The BJP points of opposition is somewhat different from the stance of the left, they are not opposed to the deal as such, they want that the deal be renegotiated and not agree to put a cap on the nuclear tests. Still listening to the calls for support, the PM aspirant has come out to spell it out again that they are not opposed to the deal as such. Besides the deal was a internal matter of UPA more than the NDA, and its not as if the Congress is engaged in trying to convince the BJP or the other NDA partners about the deal. The statements by Advani are indicative of a compromise in the stance to save the deal, and the PM has not spent any time to have a dialogue with the BJP to gain consensus. On an earlier occasion also the PM has been calling desperately for consensus when the political cards are played by Sonia.

And if the government falls because of the deal, it is not as if the BJP can support it because the governance has been pathetic on many counts and the BJP as the opposition has been critical of the bad policies of the government. The BJP could vote in favour of the deal in the parliament if the issue should come up, which it is not likely to. In any case the PM himself has not initiated any dialogue as such. Then what statesmanship are we talking about? The congress refuses to acknowledge that when most parties except itself are opposed to the deal, the deal should either be renegotiated or should be let go of. But the congress today has issued signs of indifference towards other parties’ opinions and said that they would go ahead with the deal.

The left has shown its true communal colours, this time in full glare of the media. It is increasingly obvious that their opposition to the deal was meant to pander to the minorities, placing the interests of a community over those of the nation.

The leaders of Muslim organisations for their part who had opposed the deal said that they were opposed to the deal because it was against national interest and that it had nothing to their Muslim identity. The SP also has said that they know the minorities very well. Somehow no one has opposed the claim that the SP has the Muslims in their pocket. Even the SP has not gone ahead to decline it, they have acknowledged the fact and said that they “know the minorities” very well and need not be lectured on the subject by the left.

The congress finally took some stance and did not yet make any efforts to get a real concensus with the opposition as well. Yet it did take a stance and while they pat their backs for it, we have to lament that this feat was reserved for a deal which is rather not in the interest of the country which inspite of all the claims by the congress is not a do-or-die situation. It is not imperative for the nation’s energy security, in the present form.

Snub snub snub Pranab!

June 25, 2008

the loser

The world seems to enjoy snubbing the Indian external affairs minister Pranab Mukherjee. First he got snubbed in Russia with its premier Vladimir Putin ignoring Pranab’s visit. Even the Russian foreign minister did not meet his Indian counter-part. Pranab found himself in a very uncomfortable situation when he was frisked at Moscow airport. Poor guy! Next was China’s turn with its premier Wen Jiabao not meeting Pranab; instead he visited the earthquake affected Sichuan where things were actually under control!

Now its the turn of Australia. Pranab during his recent visit did ask for uranium supplies to India which was strongly turned down by Australia. It was such a shame for India that even after requesting by its foreign minister, it only got snubbed by Australia. The same Australia supplies uranium to China, which has a poor record of nuclear proliferation.

These three incidents are really of great significance. With India talking a nuke-deal which was nuked by the Left, did not care much for Russia. At the same time, China has successfully improved its relations with Russia. The world knows about the new Australian PM’s pro-China stand.

India has find itself in a very hopeless position with neither the nuke deal working out nor any relationships with some of the key players in the global affairs improving.

The no. 2 in the Indian government is a bad loser. Indian diplomacy has hit a new low with almost every one in the current rule getting humiliated in one way or the other including Madam President, during their visits. The next government will have a herculean task ahead to set the things screwed up by the UPA right.

CPM on foreign policy

June 19, 2008

Prakash Karat and Bardhan have a great nack for delivering nonsense, still some times they manage to surprise me.

New Delhi, June 15 (IANS) India has been drawn into the strategic designs of the US, and the Indian government’s flourishing defence relations with Israel are a direct result of the paradigm shift pushed by Washington and Tel Aviv, Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) general secretary Prakash Karat said here Sunday. Speaking at a function here, Karat said the issue of India’s defence ties with Israel cannot be separated from the “overarching” strategic relations with the US. All “patriotic, progressive and anti-imperialistic forces” should work to disentangle the country from the US-Israel axis, he added.

“On this point, there is no compromise on foreign policy,” he said, referring to the cause of creation of a separate Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

He alleged that Israeli defence companies, most of whom are state-owned enterprises, are “known to pay heavy bribes”.

“The Barack missile scandal is but an example. If our ties continues, it will subvert our won military and security establishment,” he said, referring to the defence deal which is now being probed.

The CPI-M leader, whose party supports the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government from outside, rebuffed the Indian government’s explanation for launching an Israel spy satellite earlier this year “as a purely commercial decision”

The function was also addressed by Issam Makhoul, a politburo member of the Communist Party of Israel, who ended a week-long visit to India.

Makhoul, a former secretary general of the party, was strongly critical of the military ties between Israel and India, which he pointed out had propelled Tel Aviv to be among the top five defence exporters in the world.[link]

One realises that there are a lot of problems in the middle east, some caused by Iran, Palestine, Syria etc. and many caused by Israel as well. Surely that can not be a reason for severing any ties, we have strategic interests that we should look out for, and thats the only rule in international relationships. They have been immensely helpful in the Kargil War by supplying arms without any agreement. Besides, like India, Israel too has suffered a lot at the hands of islamist terrorism and continues to suffer the presence of hostile neighbours. The Islamic world which has gone on the offensive towards the Israel in the past, prosecuted the jews in large numbers can not suddenly wave the white flag and expect peace. The minimum territorial integrity of Israel should be acknowledged as well.

What a fifth columnist party that Communist party of Israel is? India was a country which had welcomed the jews when they were being prosecuted world over. And the party sits in a function to support the cause for a palestenian state with jerusalem as the capital! Just how pathetic can communism be to advocate against the interest of your own people.

Even if we should not get into strong ties with Isreal, why should we support a palestine state with jerusalem as the capital. It is similar in temerity to the suggestion of Osama running for US president. The left should also know that these people they defend are going to be their worst enemies. The left at least has the freedom to form their communist party in Israel, and propogate such ideas, but no such freedom exists in the Islamic world.

Now, China will decide what Indian media should report and what not to. During a meeting with Pranab Mukherjee, the so-called external affairs minister of India, his Chinese counterpart has taken strong objections to Indian media’s coverage of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Youth movement. Though it was expected of China to raise the Sikkim issue, I was amazed with its attitude towards the Indian media. I am unaware of what Pranab would have told them on this issue, but the China tour by no. 2 of Government of India is yet another big failure following his no. 1’s, early this year.

Full story — here

I do not understand why China should ever bother about Indian media’s ‘biased’ coverage when there is always The Hindu to ensure that the 5-starred red flag flies high in India. The Dalai Lama should never be felt as a threat by China as he has already been made a villain by the news paper. I am not sure if even any of the Chinese dailies do the job so well as ‘The Hindu’ does.

China should stop cribbing. On the contrary, they must celebrate The Hindu’s sycophantic journalism and love for its fatherland and reward its editors suitably.

Heard, there will be a Tiananmen in Kathmandu too, very soon?

I came across this news report in, the website of a new 24×7 ‘secular’ English news channel. What amazed me was the map shown there. The map of Pakistan includes occupied Kashmir also. If it were to be a Pakistani news channel, I would not have written this post.

I could not, but laugh when I found that the map was taken from!!


A similar post by Nitin of The Acorn shows how The Economist is meddling with the Indian map.

Jhoot bole kauvva kaate is their tag-line. Even that is a jhoot; otherwise, people at Tehelka would have died many times by now due to crow attacks!

You can read a lot of anti-national and insane news in this ‘mainstream’ weekly. The latest one is a report on the Jaipur blasts condemning its politicisation. But it is basically condemning action against the illegal Banglasdeshi migrants whom it calls hapless. We know how hapless these Bangladeshis are. They have ration cards,voter ids and all the documents that a true citizen of India should have. They were provided with these by the Congress. When V P Singh was prime minister, it is told by the Rajasthan Governor, the congress man himself, that many such ration cards were promised to the Bangladeshis. The Tehelka report is so well articled that any one upon reading it will feel bad for the detained Bangladeshis. But let us not forget the innocent lives lost in the blasts. And the blasts did not happen without the support of Bangladeshis.

While nothing has been written till now on Jaipur blasts, Tehelka already is bearing flag for these Bangladeshis. Really, what is important to us? The magazine has made Rahul baba the cover story twice, but nothing on Jaipur blasts till now! What is the reason to rally behind those illegal migrants? In parallel, the publication is carrying a series on Pokhran tests, naturally, condemning them. One of the ‘greatest secular intellectual of our time’ –- Praful Bidwai continuing the tirade launched long back against the Pokhran tests.

Why should there be a dilemma between supporting action against illegal migrants and their human rights? I remember reading Mukul Sharma in The Hindu arguing that the human rights of illegal Bangladeshis be protected and respected. The human rights crusaders present a contradicting dichotomy of preferences. While they would claim to be immensely sympathetic to the terror victims, they oppose every move to counter terrorism or maintain law and order. We should rather send such ‘intellects’ to Bangladesh along with those illegal immigrants.

While it is true that all humans deserve human rights, it still does not justify the silence over the sheer number of illegal immigrants (about 25% of population in Assam) and the inconvenience caused. The government suggests moves like rounding them up and putting them in transit camps, later backtracks and criticises these moves and intellectuals make a hue and cry. Shouldn’t the centre rather identify moves according to foreigners act and give requisite directions to the states for that? It was due to inaction that the HC rapped the Delhi state government and set very big targets of deportation to them. The Delhi government has been striving to comply by the court order. The fact that the centre has not accepted the problem as a problem is a signal for the problem escalating in the times to come.

Coming back to Tehelka, a part of  Indian media is under the delusion that they will remain secular as long as they keep bashing BJP and critise its decisions –- be it good or bad. Added to that, Tehelka is carrying out a vicious false campaign against IITM, AIIMS and other reputed institutions also on similar fictitious lines. The fourth estate has really failed the people to say in the least.

Now expect the weekly to carry an item on BJP’s win in Karnataka and attribute the reason to politics of ‘communalism’. Also, expect self proclaimed intellectual, naxallite sympathiser and all time big BJP basher Ms. Gauri Lankesh to shed tears on the ‘death of secularism’ in the state. Bah!

“Vinasha kale vipareeta budhi”

Like the old Indian adage, towards the end of their term congress’s ministers statements are indicating absence of any thought whatsoever. While Arjun Singh has already set benchmarks in servitude with his sycophantic loyalist sycophantic statements, Shivraj Patil is engaged in different kind of mindless blabber.

The Delhi High Court has earlier reprimanded the ministry for inaction in dealing with immigrants in the state. Consequently the Bangladeshi immigrants are being placed in transit camps in large numbers. Rajasthan has made numerous requests to the centre asking for help and direction in dealing with Bangadeshi immigrants. The inaction on the part of the home ministry has caused many causalities in Jaipur blasts. Now the state is following the centre’s directions and placing them in transit camps and Mr. Patil, completely slipping into amnesia about what his own ministry wrote to Rajasthan government asking it to quarantine the illegal Bangladeshis, has now denied it. He goes on to say that we are living in a democracy not a monarchy.

How it escapes Mr. Patil’s mind that the deportations in Delhi were also sanctioned by the court (hence legal) is quite tough to understand. Besides, we are a democracy, but we do have an entry policy, a visa requirement. It may be against democratic interests of Mr. Patil but how is deportation of illegal immigrants against democracy as such is something that Mr. Patil only can explain.

Patilisms have reached its height with,

“If you are asking for Afzal Guru’s hanging, then how can you ask for pardon for Sarabjit Singh?” [video]

Afzal Guru, an LeT militant, is convicted and guilty in the parliament attacks. And Sarabjit Singh, a person with mistaken identity who has been sentenced to death under Pakistans anti-terror laws. “They are both the same, why death for one and clemency for other!!?” — Profound thoughts, its only the creative illiterate mind of a Mr. Shivraj Patil which can render such bullshit with such ease.

Asked what would be done in Guru’s case, Patil said: “We will do whatever is appropriate according to law”.

Mr. Patil, as a home minister it reeks of irresponsibility for someone like you not to keep track of the court judgements. The law has already spoken when you were asleep. Mr. Guru has been given the death sentence and the sentence has been upheld. It is the President’s will to hold the clemency, but the appropriate action by law has already been given. And everyone knows, President can decide only upon the Home ministry’s recommendations.

Mr. Patil’s vipareeta buddhi is further made worse by the fact that he places the rights of aliens over the safety of citizens. His amnesia over directions to state on handling of illegal immigrants and his illiterate- immature comments are a bane to the ones already suffering the aftermath of the blasts. Mr. Home minister would be well advised to take his feet out of his mouth and do something productive like Ms. Raje is doing in Rajasthan.


Mr. Patil’s true follower — Ms. Sheila Dikshit!

After the issue of illegal Bangladeshis has gained prominence in the public domain, one after the other Congress leaders are fighting it out to save the rights those ‘visitors’! After all, they are the Congress vote bank — yes, they have ration cards, voter ids, driving license and what not! — courtesy: Congress and CPM. Coming to Ms. Dikshit, yea, the same lady who cried against Biharis and UP-wala migrants in Delhi saying that they are a burden on the capital’s resources now says that illegal Bangladeshis are her guests and India believes in ‘athiti devo bhava’!

What a hypocrisy!

China is now claiming a part of Sikkim. It is not even two years since the Nathu-La pass (which used to be the route responsible for all the trade with Tibet) was re-opened after several decades. China was assumed by India to have recognised Sikkim as an integral part of India, which it never did. Though we kept reassuring them about Tibet’s belonging to China, it never reciprocated the same on Sikkim. We were still dreaming that Sikkim was no issue of contention between us, only to wake up to China’s claim of a strategically important part of Sikkim referred to as ‘Finger Area’ by Indian Army.

China, as it is well established now, is building wide roads all along the Tibet-India border. This is a great threat to India, as China can very easily mobilise any amount of resources in case of a war. That is exactly what happened in 1962 war. India was in deep sleep; could never sense the construction of highways along the Arunachal border. And one fine day, Nehru was stunned by the Chinese attack. Bottomline: Highways and railways are extremely important modes of transport – in case of a war or otherwise, which India has never understood (Even today, many of the border areas are difficult to access).

And it is the same reason why China is claiming a part of Sikkim now. The ‘Finger Area’, as the name suggests, is a finger like projection into Tibet from Sikkim. This area is in the way of Chinese highway along the border. The highway has to pass through this ‘Finger Area’ to reach the other part of Tibet, since the altitude of the ‘Finger Area’ is same as that of the highway route and that, any deviation from ‘Finger Area’ will make the highway a costly affair.

See, how easy it is to solve its problem for China!

As usual, India is yet to react. Will let you people know if at all that happens. New Delhi has reacted, this time quite strongly! It has finally shown some spine by setting up permanent post in the area.