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March 20, 2010



July 30, 2008

It’s time we get a daily dose of number of bombs getting diffused, number of those which exploded, number of people killed and number of injured, not to take into account the moron Shivraj Patil’s statements. These numbers – terror index or terrex in short [the copyright of the term belongs to the author!]  – are getting more sensational than anything else in this country.

Courtesy: The Telegraph

Bangalore sees another terror plot. Well, what’s new in that! Hold on. The big news is that the terror camps both inside the country and across the border were jolted with tremors because of the roaring reaction of our great home minister Shri Shivraj Patil who said, and I quote – “….Such incidents will not deter the government from pursuing its policy of dealing with anti-national elements in a resolute manner.”

Bravo Patil. Keep issuing such statements; we dont need any other anti-terror mechanism. Your statements are enough to terrorise the terrorists themselves!

The Third front is pitching Mayawati as their PM candidate. The idea has been supported by another tragic PM Devegowda, the Left and other small parties which are anti-congress and anti-BJP. I fail to understand how behen ji is qualified to become the PM of this nation.  It needs no more explanation for her governance after seeing how UP is being ruined.

She will not become PM, that is for sure. But I feel uncomfortable even if I hear such names being proposed for  the PM post. Just see how irresponsible and shameless these politicians are.

Congress gamble

July 11, 2008

Somehow it appears that the nation is waking up to the left hypocrisy, the public sentiment shifting rightly against them. And I myself am not fond of the left, they are China’s fifth column in India amongst other pathetic things. But as much as I hate the left and their policies, the nuclear fall out is not the making of the left. For once, apart from being blindly anti-american and anti-bush (who finishes the term before the deal comes into force) and linking the deal awkwardly to the IPI pipeline, this time the left have got it right on most things. It is fishy when you find the left thinking about the “national interest” suddenly, but the congress has been fishier on the deal issue more than any other party.

Some fallacies when put in context give the plot away. Start with the absolutely mistimed enthusiasm on the deal- US is going for elections, there are bleak, if not, zero chances of the deal getting through the US related procedures before the elections. After having kept the deal in cold storage for more than 2 years, why would the congress suddenly be re-energised to take the deal through now, at the most inappropriate of times.

The entire fall out drama is all the congresses making, who wanted to get rid of the left. The left was more of a liability than a help and with differences solved between Cong and SP the Congress needed an excuse to get rid of the left who are a part of all decisions in the parliament, give no proper suggestions in the parliament, and yet criticize severely outside the parliament. The fall out was all pre-planned to get out of this damaging alliance. And SP, now has won the brownie points by playing the savior to the government and now by digging all the muck they can summon to spoil the reputation of BSP. The congress for its part has parted quite happily and deserve no sympathy.

Instead, the sympathy should go to the common people, since in all this ruckus the congress has forgotten and neglected the issues that concern the people most. The economic mismanagement and the other national issues are now being attempted to be overshadowed by the petty bickering in the ruling alliance to meet the political ends of Congress. Moreover, the issue that the congress used, the nuclear deal is also not really going to help anyone for a long time to come. Nuclear power has long since ceased to be a cheaper source and survives on the govt. subsidies. Whats more, the deal does not even have adequate safeguards to ensure regular supply. This nuclear technology for generation of electricity is not likely to be cheaper than the electricity generated using locally available coal. The deal which is highly debatable is not even being made public, and inflation and price rises remain the biggest problems of the people.

The deal is, the issue around the deal to deviate attention, the staged downfall; the entire political drama is all the “innocent looking” Manmohan Singhji’s making.

With Dr. Manmohan Singhji at helm has taken ethics in politics have fallen to a new abyss.

I am back

July 8, 2008

Gujarat Drama

June 18, 2008

1. PM and Fm make referenced to take credit for Gujarat’s development saying that a lot of funds have been given to Gujarat. – in some speech.

2. Modi reacts saying only a meagre 5% of the tax paid by Gujarat’s people is given as funds from the centre and says that they are relying on falsehoods. He goes one more step ahead and says that the centre is more dependent on the state’s taxpayers. – in some rally

3. Issue blown over – The congress says that the data is not true as there was no data of taxes paid by states and calls for modi to be tried for treason (probably inspired by similar such calls from Nawaz Sharif recently), and says that Modi is questioning the very existance of the nation. They question the nationalism of the nationalist leader.

4. Modi asks them to go ahead with the absolutely ridiculous idea of the treason trial.

5. Congress says that Modi does not know the facts and produces facts to show that the Congress govt. did indeed give more funds to gujarat in their time than the NDA govt. did. The figures compare NDA contribution in 2002-03 and theirs in the last year showing about 25% increase over 4 years. This when the growth of Gujarat has been about 10% every year then. Also congress refutes the claim that the aid given to Gujarat is paltry, by discovering the amount taxes paid by the state to centre. One does not even know which taxes have been considered.

This is one of the better dramas unfolding in the recent past, the strong dialogues by Congress “leaders” (read sycophants like Manish Tiwari) like “trial for treason” have been interesting indeed. The congress have really given a good drama for a long time, its time they bowed out.

As for Modi, he should try and make sure he is quoted right and in correct context (he was only speaking at a rally). And he has a point, the state people work hard to produce some results in their neighbourhood. People work hard hoping that roads and infrastructure in their part of the world would improve and if any funds are going to the centre to put into sachar committees and to institute fudging experts and contract killers to maintain the sanctity of flagship pogroms oops sorry programs like NREGA.

The simple speech of Modi can shake the congress so much to call treason is testimony to the stature of Modi.

Some time back, I think it was TVR Shenoy who wrote, about the congress being a pack of Goats in the guise of wolves when they were making strong statements to seem strong; as against the tale of the wolves in the guise of goats. The latest is not encouraging, the goats not only got a disguise, they also got a better systems now. The irony is that the systems are going to be their biggest enemy.

The congress committee which was responsible for coming up with suggestions for improvement within congress has come out with its recommendations yesterday. Interestingly, in spite of presence of leaders like Veerappa Moily, Digvijay Singh, Anand Sharma, Mukul Wasnik, Salman Khursheed, Jairam Ramesh etc. in the team, who have immense experience of politics, the recommendations are most of the things that Rahul Gandhi has said all along in the last 6-7 months. One wonders if the others were swearing their loyality to him when he made these suggestions and asked Veerappa Moily to present them.

Here are the recommendations from what was discussed with press.

1) Focus on inner-party elections from the grassroots or booth-level. This is a very good point, probably inspired by the unprecedented participation in the US primaries. The point by itself is good, but such things have to evolve. I can not really opine that the result of deliberation by a committee amounts to evolution of an idea. I would hope that this would get implemented actually, because I think that democracy is a great ideal which has to spread to all levels to be complete.

2) Give youth a chance to participate in politics. This is a rather good one, but even tougher to implement. About 45-50% of the population comprises of youth. A sign of the youth is that they are rather impatient to achieve and will be disgruntled if some “larger” person would throw their weight around because of clout. The youth base would be incomplete without “character building” and they will eventually lose heart in the vote bank policies.

3) Build up a base of loyal party workers who will the spread word about the Congress’ efforts in and out of power. Now this is more of an imitation of BJP than of the left. The left is a recruitment ground for goons instead. This is on lines with the second point except that they want their agents chaaro taraf.

The main problem with the last two points, which is specific to congress, is that congress is only a political party after votes. The party has no principles, economic or social that guide its policies. Their idea of secularism is devoid of any substance and character. Their escape in case of questions is only to criticise the BJP on the same lines. Sometimes the reverse criticism is insulting and frustrating as in the case of strong dealing of terror. There is no catch phrase that the party can claim which is relevant to people today. The previous “roti kapda aur makaan” and such are rather unusable not only because they are less relevant but also because the statement is hypocritical of a party which has kept a brilliant country away from development for more than 40 years. In such a situation how long the ‘opposition to BJP’ would keep them motivated is something that has to be seen.

One also wonders if the problems that the government is facing with dealing with terror by making absolutely uncogitated moves, and when the government often spurns any decision making (like on petrol hike) and many such situations that congress would face in the future, would the youth lose face themselves or criticise or make the party improve. The last two are rather constructive practices taken up by the BJP youth who not only flak their party when it commits mistakes but also offer good suggestions by blogging or reaching them otherwise.

The congress is also peculiar in having no yardsticks. The BJP has that yardstick in the form of Hindutva, integral humanism for social policies but nothing of the sort, strictly, for economic policies. Hence, the “right” wingedness is actually mostly a misnomer, like it showed when they opposed the petrol price hike. Definitely the party is righter than most parties in economic policies, but populism is a necessary part of politics in the nation and the BJP also is no exception in following this rule.

The very character of the congress makes in incapable of gaining from this restructuring, politically. Congress will have to do a lot more than this to gain politically in the nation, it will have to do something that BJP has also not done fully, dare to take some stances. Lay down some governing principles and take policy decisions with deliberation; measure yourself against them and stick to them religiously.

The youth of the nation cannot be taken lightly and the Congress will have some struggle ahead.