Snub snub snub Pranab!

June 25, 2008

the loser

The world seems to enjoy snubbing the Indian external affairs minister Pranab Mukherjee. First he got snubbed in Russia with its premier Vladimir Putin ignoring Pranab’s visit. Even the Russian foreign minister did not meet his Indian counter-part. Pranab found himself in a very uncomfortable situation when he was frisked at Moscow airport. Poor guy! Next was China’s turn with its premier Wen Jiabao not meeting Pranab; instead he visited the earthquake affected Sichuan where things were actually under control!

Now its the turn of Australia. Pranab during his recent visit did ask for uranium supplies to India which was strongly turned down by Australia. It was such a shame for India that even after requesting by its foreign minister, it only got snubbed by Australia. The same Australia supplies uranium to China, which has a poor record of nuclear proliferation.

These three incidents are really of great significance. With India talking a nuke-deal which was nuked by the Left, did not care much for Russia. At the same time, China has successfully improved its relations with Russia. The world knows about the new Australian PM’s pro-China stand.

India has find itself in a very hopeless position with neither the nuke deal working out nor any relationships with some of the key players in the global affairs improving.

The no. 2 in the Indian government is a bad loser. Indian diplomacy has hit a new low with almost every one in the current rule getting humiliated in one way or the other including Madam President, during their visits. The next government will have a herculean task ahead to set the things screwed up by the UPA right.


Now, China will decide what Indian media should report and what not to. During a meeting with Pranab Mukherjee, the so-called external affairs minister of India, his Chinese counterpart has taken strong objections to Indian media’s coverage of the Dalai Lama and Tibetan Youth movement. Though it was expected of China to raise the Sikkim issue, I was amazed with its attitude towards the Indian media. I am unaware of what Pranab would have told them on this issue, but the China tour by no. 2 of Government of India is yet another big failure following his no. 1’s, early this year.

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I do not understand why China should ever bother about Indian media’s ‘biased’ coverage when there is always The Hindu to ensure that the 5-starred red flag flies high in India. The Dalai Lama should never be felt as a threat by China as he has already been made a villain by the news paper. I am not sure if even any of the Chinese dailies do the job so well as ‘The Hindu’ does.

China should stop cribbing. On the contrary, they must celebrate The Hindu’s sycophantic journalism and love for its fatherland and reward its editors suitably.