Bangalore sees another terror plot. Well, what’s new in that! Hold on. The big news is that the terror camps both inside the country and across the border were jolted with tremors because of the roaring reaction of our great home minister Shri Shivraj Patil who said, and I quote – “….Such incidents will not deter the government from pursuing its policy of dealing with anti-national elements in a resolute manner.”

Bravo Patil. Keep issuing such statements; we dont need any other anti-terror mechanism. Your statements are enough to terrorise the terrorists themselves!


What can you expect in a party where the leader of the party promotes the interests of her own dynasty and every leader small or big has to suck up to the family to stick around?

The word is not family values, its nepotism. Earlier Shri. Baalu was promoting the selfish interests of his kin and the “Mr. clean” Manmohanji was abetting this very dutifully. This time it is the son of the most profound thinker of congress who has been trying to use his fathers address and clout to get about doing business.

Shri. Shailesh and Smt. Archana Patil have entered as directors in NV Distilleries Ltd. and were a part of a project in Ambala in Haryana. The plant started the bottling operations of major brands, like seagrams, three months ago.

Shri. Shailesh said that he had a financial stake of 50% in the project and that “Given my family background, I like to keep a low profile. There is nothing about the distillery project we have to hide. I feel very satisfied that such an investment in a rural area provides employment opportunities for poor farmers.”

Now the salient points of the project

  • Chairman Shri. Ashok Jain claims that the Home Minister’s son “has no financial stake.” Jain, however, admits: “Having Shailesh Patil on board added to the profile of my project.”
  • At the distillery site, villagers of Badoli — where most of the land acquisition was done — allege they have been “cheated” by the distillery owners since they were not provided employment as they had been promised. Village Sarpanches of adjoining Gola and Sherpur villages allege their land has been “usurped” as the distillery expands its operations.
  • Here is how the clearances were obtained.

Given the potential impact of distilleries on ground, water and air pollution, the sanction process is guided by elaborate norms of the CREP (Corporate Responsibility for Environmental Protection), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) as well as strict guidelines imposed by the MoEF, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and the state Boards, in this case the HSPCB.

Official records show how the Centre’s permission came in the face of the state pollution control board’s objections:

In August 2006, the HSPCB issued a No-Objection Certificate (NoC) to N V Distilleries, imposing 24 conditions for environmental protection.

The Environment Impact Clearance from the MoEF came in February 2007, with 17 fresh conditions. These clearances were for starting “grain-based liquor production with zero discharge levels” and with a production capacity of 60 KLPD (kilo litres per day).

However, on September 17, 2007, the MoEF sent a letter permitting the distillery to expand the project from 60 KLPD to 75 KLPD. And to exercise a “dual feed” option, that is, production of liquor from either grain or molasses (where the comparative environmental hazard is much higher).

Barely a month later, an inspection by the HSPCB showed deficiencies in the distillery’s water treatment/ effluent flow plants. The inspectors in their report said: “The discharge of waste waster from the processes is a violation of the NoC of the Board/ Environmental clearances issued by the MoEF.”

The HSPCB team said that company representatives be called for a personal explanation and consent for operation of the bottling plant be decided based on the outcome of that meeting.

HSPCB officials in Panchkula told The Sunday Express that in view of these deficiencies, they were surprised by the Central clearance for expansion of the project.

Allowing dual feed, too, was a violation of current guidelines for stand-alone distilleries, Para 2 of which state: “Proposal for stand-alone new distilleries and expansion of existing distilleries without achieving zero discharge in surface water/ ground water will not be considered by MoEF…”

With N V Distilleries becoming a subject of a tussle between the Central and HSPCB authorities, chairman of the pollution control board A S Chahal stepped in and sent a strongly worded letter dated March 31 this year to the Joint Secretary in the MoEF.

Quoting guidelines, he wrote: “The subsequent environmental clearance granted by the Government of India on their own appears to be in violation of guidelines…In view of this, it is requested that facts of the case may please by re-examined…in case of any inconsistency with the provisions of the relevant Act/Rules/Notifications/Guidelines, Environmental clearance so granted may please be reviewed and action, if any at our end may please be intimated accordingly.”

Incidentally it is not just the environmental clearances which are obtained so questionably, the factory is in violation of 4 excise rules.

One does doubt the involvement of Shri. Shivraj in the whole matter, because Shri Shivraj is very busy finding new ways to damage India’s case asking for sarabjit’s clemency and very busy drafting a tourist brochure for more terrorist trainees, but the misuse of official residence “4, Janpath Road” for commercial interests is certainly something that he could not have been aware of. For obvious reasons this should not be allowed to continue in its form.

It would be unnecessary to ask the Home minister to give his resignation, as he would not agree, we should rather show him the door when the elections come in 2009.

“Vinasha kale vipareeta budhi”

Like the old Indian adage, towards the end of their term congress’s ministers statements are indicating absence of any thought whatsoever. While Arjun Singh has already set benchmarks in servitude with his sycophantic loyalist sycophantic statements, Shivraj Patil is engaged in different kind of mindless blabber.

The Delhi High Court has earlier reprimanded the ministry for inaction in dealing with immigrants in the state. Consequently the Bangladeshi immigrants are being placed in transit camps in large numbers. Rajasthan has made numerous requests to the centre asking for help and direction in dealing with Bangadeshi immigrants. The inaction on the part of the home ministry has caused many causalities in Jaipur blasts. Now the state is following the centre’s directions and placing them in transit camps and Mr. Patil, completely slipping into amnesia about what his own ministry wrote to Rajasthan government asking it to quarantine the illegal Bangladeshis, has now denied it. He goes on to say that we are living in a democracy not a monarchy.

How it escapes Mr. Patil’s mind that the deportations in Delhi were also sanctioned by the court (hence legal) is quite tough to understand. Besides, we are a democracy, but we do have an entry policy, a visa requirement. It may be against democratic interests of Mr. Patil but how is deportation of illegal immigrants against democracy as such is something that Mr. Patil only can explain.

Patilisms have reached its height with,

“If you are asking for Afzal Guru’s hanging, then how can you ask for pardon for Sarabjit Singh?” [video]

Afzal Guru, an LeT militant, is convicted and guilty in the parliament attacks. And Sarabjit Singh, a person with mistaken identity who has been sentenced to death under Pakistans anti-terror laws. “They are both the same, why death for one and clemency for other!!?” — Profound thoughts, its only the creative illiterate mind of a Mr. Shivraj Patil which can render such bullshit with such ease.

Asked what would be done in Guru’s case, Patil said: “We will do whatever is appropriate according to law”.

Mr. Patil, as a home minister it reeks of irresponsibility for someone like you not to keep track of the court judgements. The law has already spoken when you were asleep. Mr. Guru has been given the death sentence and the sentence has been upheld. It is the President’s will to hold the clemency, but the appropriate action by law has already been given. And everyone knows, President can decide only upon the Home ministry’s recommendations.

Mr. Patil’s vipareeta buddhi is further made worse by the fact that he places the rights of aliens over the safety of citizens. His amnesia over directions to state on handling of illegal immigrants and his illiterate- immature comments are a bane to the ones already suffering the aftermath of the blasts. Mr. Home minister would be well advised to take his feet out of his mouth and do something productive like Ms. Raje is doing in Rajasthan.


Mr. Patil’s true follower — Ms. Sheila Dikshit!

After the issue of illegal Bangladeshis has gained prominence in the public domain, one after the other Congress leaders are fighting it out to save the rights those ‘visitors’! After all, they are the Congress vote bank — yes, they have ration cards, voter ids, driving license and what not! — courtesy: Congress and CPM. Coming to Ms. Dikshit, yea, the same lady who cried against Biharis and UP-wala migrants in Delhi saying that they are a burden on the capital’s resources now says that illegal Bangladeshis are her guests and India believes in ‘athiti devo bhava’!

What a hypocrisy!