Bangalore sees another terror plot. Well, what’s new in that! Hold on. The big news is that the terror camps both inside the country and across the border were jolted with tremors because of the roaring reaction of our great home minister Shri Shivraj Patil who said, and I quote – “….Such incidents will not deter the government from pursuing its policy of dealing with anti-national elements in a resolute manner.”

Bravo Patil. Keep issuing such statements; we dont need any other anti-terror mechanism. Your statements are enough to terrorise the terrorists themselves!


Prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh [MMS] has had to spend sleepless nights for two Indian doctors who were involved in the London-Glasgow airport terror plot. Dr. MMS could not help after he saw on television, the mother of those doctors breaking down on some news channel. Fair enough!

But what about the terror acts happening in the country and the innocents being killed ruthlessly? Does he ever lose his sleep for those mothers and sisters? Let me not remind him of IISc attack, Mumbai blasts, Ajmer blasts, Hyderabad blasts and UP blasts.

  • Let me just ask our “extremely kind” PM, does he ever gone sleepless for these people – 90 killed and more than 150 injured in a city which is all known for its peace and calm. The Pink city of India turned red with innocents’ blood. Are you at least bothered to visit the place Dr. MMS? Doesnt seem so. [You are under Bhutan tour currently, but could have visited the city before that.]
  • Did you lose sleep over this Dr. MMS? How many jawans have to die before you wake up? How many wives have to become widows before your wife asks you to do something to combat terror? You were present in person when this wife of a heroic jawan broke down. You witnessed her helplessness – she cried inconsolably. Did you not lose your sleep, why Dr. MMS?

Its is high time you stop this cruel drama for minority votes. Terror is terror, whoever does it should be handled properly – be it a Hindu or a Muslim. Terror victims are innocents – again, be them from any religion. You cannot be numb to the victims of terror if they are from majority religion, dear Prime Minister. Rather than getting tougher with the terrorists, your government has consistently asked the probing agencies in Bangalore to go soft on the perpetrators, just because they are Muslims. All for the sake of their votes in the Karnataka elections. What a shame Dr. MMS! People never expected this from a man who is ‘honest’, ‘clean’ and a ‘good’ administrator.

Jaago (Man)Mohan pyaare!